Friday, May 21, 2010

Naptime 5-21-10

Today has been a full day, and the girls are snoozing very peacefully.  They were late to nap because we picked M up from work after lunch… he got to leave early because it’s his last day! New job starts on Monday! (More about that later…if I remember.) 

I went in to check on Braska a bit ago, since it’d been almost 2 hours since she went to sleep—much longer than her usual 1-hour nap.  She was still zonked.  And cute as a bug.  She often sleeps all tucked in under herself, but today she’s relaxed and sprawled out.

Pure peace.

And Daddy, who loves any reason to nap, especially with his little downsie, couldn’t resist crawling in by her for a little rest himself.

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  1. Nothing better than seeing your little sweetheart in a deep restful sleep. She is getting so big.


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