Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The day has finally (almost) come

Tomorrow is Braska’s surgery for ear tube placement.  Updates will be mostly on her blog, so FYI… if you want to keep up with all the action. (That may be profoundly over-exaggerating the situation.)  Since the tonsils and adenoids have not been excluded from tomorrow’s party, it’ll be much less involved.  There’s good and bad to that…but that’s for another time.

I’ve got my mobile setup ready, though, so I can post random things here if I just get bored and fell like it.  We’ll see how it goes.  We have to be there at 645 am.  It’s a 30 minute drive.  I should probably take a shower before we go, in fairness to others in the waiting area.  Do the math—that’s going to be an early morning. Who knows what kind of gobblety-gook my mind will come up with…

I mentioned on Braska’s blog and I’ll ask here… anyone got a story or joke they wanna share to give me something to laugh at, shake my head in amazement (or dismay) at, or just roll my eyes at while I wait tomorrow?? 

Just make it up, I don’t mind.  Maybe the one with the biggest far-out story gets a prize… that could be fun.

Prayers for our girl and her team of professionals tomorrow are appreciated.  I know some of you are already on it!

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  1. Definitely praying for Braska this morning!


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