Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chrissie is finally dancing

I’ve posted a few times about little Chrissie, adopted 6 months ago from Serbia, who had very dangerous heart surgery a month ago today.  She has had a very difficult 30 days, and overnight last night she finally got relief for her pain and struggles.  She is now “dancing with Jesus,”  as her mom posted this morning. I pray comfort for her family, and yet I am so happy that Chrissie is no longer fighting and hurting as she has been for these last weeks.  She was a very tough little girl, and she fought as hard as she could.  Now she gets to relax and enjoy the energy she always wanted to have…dancing and laughing and playing. 

Here’s a clip from Lorraine’s blog from the moments before she went to surgery on 4/19/10.  Cherished pictures, no doubt.  She was a beautiful little girl and SO very loved since coming home to Texas.  And her family knows that they will see her again…and the dancing will go on forever!


Please pray for this family as they miss their princess desperately.  They were so very faithful, with amazing testimonies to God’s provisions and his miracles even in these difficult times.  I am quite sure Lorraine agrees with me in this… God is good, ALL the time.


  1. Many prayers with their family now. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I've been praying for Chrissie's family today...well, actually for over a month now. What a joy that Chrissie knew the love of a mommy and a daddy and siblings before she went home. I'm also praising God that He used Chrissie to bring others closer to Him. She's reaping her rewards for her hard work here on earth...dancing with her Lord and Saviour!! Dance away Serbian touched my heart.


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