Sunday, February 21, 2010

Possibly a reason to watch NASCAR??

I’m not a NASCAR fan.  I don’t know anything about it other than cars drive around in a circle a million times and people seem to like it.  Personally, I don’t see how that could be exciting, but whatever…if it revs your engine, that’s cool.

BUT—Kelli posted about this interesting tidbit on her blog, Living Life with E’s. (If you haven’t been to see her, go visit. She’s got some cuties for sure!) From Kelli’s post

NASCAR is holding a contest for a special design car to appear in the 2010 NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race.  A car design promoting Down Syndrome Awareness has been submitted.  How great would that be to see this car speed around the track in front of thousands of people!

I clipped out some pics of the car, which are below.  Someone went to some effort to put this together, and the kiddo on the roof is pretty cute, which never hurts.  You DO NOT need a login to vote, and you can vote here every day for the next 8 days.  Wouldn’t it be kinda cool if we could get the “DS gang” out in force to vote this into reality! Make it a favorite and vote when you log in each morning… not a lot of effort but a fun and effective way to spread awareness.

DScar1 DScar2 dscar3


  1. Thanks for spreading the word! I might have to actually watch my first NASCAR race if this car wins!


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