Thursday, February 11, 2010

Connecting the Rainbow

I’ve blogged about Reece’s Rainbow often. (Though not recently, I realize now.  Bad me!)  But there is now a new venture called Connecting the Rainbow that is working with families who choose to keep their little ones with DS in countries that don’t have any support system for them.  The goal, of course, would be a time when there is no need for international adoptions because the parents are keeping their little ones with disabilities and had a good support system in the society to care for them.


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Connecting the Rainbow is focusing on Bulgaria right now, and they have a very cool opportunity to help right now.  Beyond Play is a therapeutic toy company that has agreed to give 15% of all items purchased from CTR’s wish list back to CTR.  It’s a great chance to buy a toy for their cause, or for yourself, and contribute to CTR at the same time.  I am so privileged to have come to know via blogs, forums, and email the friends who are making this venture happen, and they are truly wonderful, caring people.  These kids are their focus, and educating their families is going to be so very rewarding.

They also have an additional wish list you can check out. 

Many of these items are very inexpensive and will be an excellent gift to these families who already trying to go against “the norm” as they choose to raise their kids at home.

Please take time to glance at the items and see if there’s something you could send to Bulgaria for these families.  You don’t have to mail it overseas yourself, don’t worry!

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  1. Thank you so much for helping spread the word about CTR! I am loving watching the DS families here in the US embrace those in Bulgaria and other countries who are struggling to help their children in lands where it is NOT the norm!


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