Friday, February 12, 2010

Alternative Valentine

The original plan was to have Kinlee’s birthday party this weekend, tomorrow, and to have a nice Valentine’s with the girls and M, probably doing something just the two of us, Gazelle-style, of course.

Then M had the chance for a gaming weekend.  So 3 guys will be arriving at my house in the next couple hours from C-U.  They will eat often (constantly), be awake when people should be sleeping, and they will sleep when most are awake.  They will talk of tapping and attacking and creatures and lands.  They may even create some characters and and deal with a campaign.  Who knows. The options are endless. 

I can’t even talk like this in jest without feeling like a geek.

M’s the only one married, maybe the only one “attached,” unless something has happened very recently.  I mean, come on, would any OTHER girl allow this to happen on Valentine’s Day?  I think not.

So what am I doing?

Not staying there to watch and roll my eyes and have full sole responsibility for the girls 24/7 for 3 days of a long weekend.  Nope, I dropped the girls with my mom today and I have retreated to an undisclosed luxury suite.  Dear friends who have known me all my life, and my parents since college, have offered to share their wonderful downstairs—a space the size of my whole house—so that I can sleep, read, blog, organize pictures, and do a few little projects I’ve been putting off forever.  As an added bonus, I get to visit with some awfully neat people.

So here I sit, in a comfy recliner, laptop ready to go, Olympics tuned in, and not a soul to need me right now. Maybe it’s selfish, but I think it’s more helpful to those around me than they might know. 

Some moms don’t seem to need breaks. I’m amazed by that. I am not one of those. Though this isn’t my ideal Valentine’s Day, I think I’m going to enjoy the weekend.

And Honey, stretch before all that tap and untap. You don’t need another sprain.
Your IRL Akroma.

What are YOU doing for Valentine’s Day? Do tell… celebrate it or hate it?  Seems that most people fall into one of those two categories, eh? (Sorry…the Canadian influence of the Olympics is getting to me already.)


  1. I'm definitely a mom who needs breaks and I'm loving that you're taking full advantage of being kid-less, and even husband-less! and enjoying yourself and doing your own thing without interruptions - sounds like a pefect 3-day weekend to me!!

  2. I am going to be sharing the day with two of the best grandkids in the whole world and loving it!

  3. Hey my husband was at the Iowa Beef Expo on V-Day...I spent four days straight just me and the kiddos enjoying all kinds of insanity together! So in some ways I can relate...kind of! :) Miss ya girl! Come visit us soon!


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