Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lovely Lera


(Taken from Bethany’s blog.)

She is an orphan living in a baby home in St. Petersburg, Russia. The exact same city from which (Bethany’s daughter) Nika came.

Lera needs a family ... like, yesterday. She had a family committed to adopt her, but that fell through and now she needs another family.

But time is not on her side. At age four, orphans are typically transferred out of baby homes. Lera is 4 1/2 years old ... and by the grace of God, she is still at the baby home.

She has an $8,605 grant in her name through Reece's Rainbow. This is a HUGE start for any adoptive family. She also has another $2,000 that was raised for her by the first family that planned to adopt her -- they want to give that money to her new family.

Could you be her family?

Lera has Down syndrome. She is reported to be very high functioning and by the looks of her dolly, she is engaged in pretend play. She is reported to have a heart murmur, but no other health concerns.

So ... what do you say? Could you be her family?

For more information, please email Andrea at Reece's Rainbow. Please?!


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