Thursday, February 4, 2010

File Taxes. Check.

I can't believe I just filed our taxes. It was so easy this year. One W-2, a couple 1099s from here and there. The printouts from the church and Reece's Rainbow for our "charitable giving." Plug it all in and there you go. Who knew it could be so simple?

In the past several years, I've owned a business that had to be dealt with in complicated ways. At least they were complicated to me, as I muddled through the process each April. We have written checks, large checks, to the IRS for several years. Tax refund?!? People still get those? We couldn't imagine that. With self-employment tax and all the fun that goes with contract employees and home offices... well, it was always a stressful several days to get them done and ready to file. I always thought I'd "have someone" do them, but it would have taken as much work to prepare things to take to someone, so I just stumbled through somehow.

But this business, no moving expenses, no houses bought or sold. Only an additional kid. And that seems to work in our favor! We will have a refund for the first time in many years, and there's a plan for it. Vacation? New car? Home improvements? Nope...though I'd like to discuss that last one, actually. The refund will go to one of a few possible places, but spend it, no way. Not with Mr. Gazelle at the helm. And that's ok with me. We didn't know we were getting it, and though we could sure have some fun with it, saving or sharing are great options.

Best part is that it's done. In one evening. Not a bad deal. The simple life has it's perks afterall.


  1. Sounds like another Dave Ramsey fan in action! Good luck RK!

  2. Thanks for doing all the leg work, honey!

  3. We will get a refund too...but I guess it won't be spent on anything fun...that wouldn't be gazelle intense as Dave Ramsey would say!

  4. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing the good news!

  5. Yea! I am so glad you are living like no one else so that someday you can live like no one else! (I think that is the Ramsey quote!) Keep on keeping on! I am so proud of you.


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