Monday, February 22, 2010

Meet Chrissie

Shelley posted about 4-year-old Chrissie yesterday and I was so amazed at her story. We’ve been through open-heart surgery with Braska, but this little one’s situation is far above a “routine” OHS. Today she will have a very risky but necessary surgery to repair her heart in several ways.
Pray for Chrissie
She is a miracle already, just in the fact that she is still alive. Her forever family brought her home on my birthday this last fall, so that makes her extra special, in my book.

Please be praying that her surgery and recovery go well and without complications. Click her button above to read her story and to check on updates from her family.

Edited to add: The surgery has had to be postponed due to Chrissie waking up with a fever today. It will be at least a month to be rescheduled. She is in a very dangerous situation with her heart in it's current condition. Please pray that she can hold on and be healthy so that the surgery can happen as soon as possible.


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