Thursday, February 11, 2010

Anyone got $50,000?

No? Well then, we should all be going here to vote for Buddy Cruise, Inc. and this chance at a new documentary about people with Down syndrome. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a new 30-minute film out there showing it like it is now, with personal stories, instead of all the old info that so many of us have received in our time in this “club”?

It’s super simple, go over, vote for the Good Idea—yes it takes a log in, but it’s not asking for personal info or anything—and let’s help them get in the top 10!

Thanks to Michelle for her Tweet about this!

(Thanks to Courtney for the great tip... if you're on Facebook, you don't have to create an account! Go all you FB addicts!)


  1. Thanks for sharing! Facebook users don't even have to create an can just "connect" with Facebook--which then makes it super easy to "share" on facebook!! Ha!

  2. Voted last night and again this morning. I'll try to remember each day of February.

  3. Cool thanks for letting us know about this one RK!

  4. I'd sure love to see this win :)


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