Thursday, April 30, 2009

Updated!! Flashcards available with weblink

**Bugs worked out, links below**

Some of you have had trouble with the file when I sent it, and some don't have PowerPoint, so I've uploaded this and it should work for any of you to access now.

Again, if you've missed the previous info on this, this was a PowerPoint, like electronic flashcards for the alphabet, numbers 1-10, and colors. Braska just loves it. We're working on her controlling the mouse touch pad. She does well but she gets distracted and just wants to make the pictures go and not practice her letters and numbers, so for now, it's a joint effort, which is fine with me.

Update: I've now broken them down into separate shows for each section. There is one more that's still not cooperating, and it has the alphabet with a picture for each letter. I'll try to get it fixed and up ASAP. For now, here's what's available. Enjoy!

Flashcards for the Numbers with counting shapes.

Flashcards for the colors.

Flashcards for the plain alphabet and numbers 1-10. (No pictures or colors.)

Note that there is a full-screen option in the lower right corner of the viewer.

Please let me know if there are any other problems.


  1. Wow, thanks for letting us glom onto your hard work:) Maebree LOVES these!


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