Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blog work in progress

I'm working on some blog things today, on all of them, so if you happen to be in a reader and seeing lots of re-posts of old ones, please disregard. When it's all done, I'll let you know what's up!

While you're reading though, throw out some ideas for blog layouts. I need some fresh thoughts! Colors, themes, etc... whatta ya think??


  1. I love your blog...I've sorta been wondering how you do it and what you use.

  2. I love all your pages! I need to get on the ball. Maybe this summer while I'm off and have a little more time. Only 2 more months!

  3. i keep looking at my page everyday and thinking i need an update, too. maybe soon. maybe when i see all your new changes it will get me going. :P


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