Thursday, April 23, 2009

Photo evidence

This is not really news anymore, but I like this picture, and heck, Mark deserves some press time, so why not...

A week ago Monday, the 13th, my pals, Jen and Mark, from C-U came down for an appointment at Children's, and they ended up with van trouble. (Their story was referenced in this post.) I took off in my PJ's/sweats to drop off my car for them to head back.. it all happened very fast. Since I didn't have a chance to write up a liability contract before handing over the keys, I took this picture instead.

I kid...friends don't need liability contracts. Photo evidence works fine! Ha!

In all fairness to Mark, there were no babies born in my car, thankfully, and no new dings that I could find, and he returned it FULL! Thanks!!!


  1. Don't make a pregnant woman laugh like that!

  2. I still say it would have been a better shot if you had a picture of me on my knees begging for the key... luckily you are too kind to have made me done that.


  3. A friend in need is a friend INDEED!
    We're proud of you :o)


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