Friday, April 10, 2009

Then and now: Trim time

I'm so behind in everything! Blogging included.... and I don't like it one bit!

Here's a quick something I can put up... even though neither of these pics is on my faves list. We'll have to keep it real. Sometimes pictures aren't great. Sometimes they are and we just have to deal with the reality we see, right?!?

The before (3/21/09)

And the after (4/4/09)

I like the cut alot. I'm not much good at styling, but oh well. It's much easier to deal with, and of course, when all else fails or it's a crazy day, it still goes up in a pony tail in a flash. Can't live without that option in my house!


  1. I REALLY like it. I was going to say I bet it would look great in a bob too, but if you want the pony option that's a good length!

    And I SO know what you mean about being behind on things. I finally figured out what people mean when thye say you have to give in and change priorities. My house needs vacuuming like you wouldn't believe...not to mention a million other things!

  2. You're hot! See you in a few hours.

  3. love the hair, I so want to get to my cousins and get some highlights and a new cut. - and don't worry about being behind, everyone is behind! :0)

  4. I still am amazed at how we have such beautiful daughters, knowing your parents as we do :o) Love you!

  5. Hey there, I hope you got my response email. I'm anticipating getting caught up. Your hair looks fabulous. Of course you have always had great hair!

  6. Very cute! I so need a haircut. I'm trying to grow it out so I can put it in a ponytail.

  7. You look wonderful!


  8. I agree with everyone, it looks great.

  9. I'm so behind on blogging/commenting too! LOL Love the new trim! Looks great on you!


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