Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Keepin' it real

My good buddy Courtney tagged me for an interesting assignment... make sure you click over to see her response. That girl is crazy clever... I tell ya.

The idea is to take a picture of yourself right now, no touch ups, no primping, no changing clothes, and post it before you can change your mind. I was a bit hesitant as, let's be honest since we're being REAL, my girls and I are still in PJs and it's almost 1pm. That's just the way it goes some days, and we don't have a car to get out anyway (loaned it to one of my BFFs Jen--she tells the story better than me.) so why make more clothes to throw in the laundry, that's what I say.

But when I held up the camera after seeing the post with my assignment on it, this is what I got.

Whoda thunk it?!? It may be one of my favorites in a while! Not only am I not hardly visible (always helpful!) but Braska's giving me a sweet smile and Kinlee's NOT fussing (SO rare these days). So in the end...thanks Courtney! What a pal!

So here's a handful I'd like to pass on this little assignment to:
1. Tricia at Unringing the Bell
5. Sandi at Tommy's Update
6. Heidi at Henry's Mommie
8. Sarah at Class of 2008
10. Jessie at Moment by Moment

I could go on forever with this list... so if you're reading this and you have a blog, DO IT! Maybe you'll get a great surprise shot too! And then let me know so I can check out your REAL self!

And for those of you who have so graciously bestowed blog awards on me, I hope to get all those posted in the next week or so. Some of them are months old! It's horrible! But please know I'm honored, and I've not forgotten!!!


  1. Love the picture! Mark's on the way to return the car. Alexander wanted to keep the 'sports car.' Thanks!

  2. Absolutely GREAT! And I can see by that grin Braska and I have a similar capacity for orneriness...

  3. OK, I took the horrible picture today, but I'm not going to get around to posting it until tomorrow!

  4. I love the picture, I think that it came out BEAUTIFUL!!!

  5. What a nice picture! Bummer for me since my carmera is dead.

  6. i love the pic!!! so sweet and i think you look awesome. but i must say...WHAT!! i have to do what....hahaha.

  7. This was such a fun meme, although I hate showing pics of myself. LOL
    I did do this one, so here is the link:

    Thanks for the tag and yours' is a beautiful photo!


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