Monday, April 27, 2009

Bare bones blogging

No frills, just stuff I've considered blogging. Key points are in BOLD in case you want to skim and read only some portions. See? I know how you are.
  • There is a new Wendy's at the exit very near us. I didn't know it was there til today. I'm SO excited! Even though we don't do fast food hardly at all anymore, I do LOVE Wendy's and I'm pleased it's there if I get a couple extra bucks and a craving. I worked at Wendy's in high school, and though some people say when you work fast food you can never eat there again, I still love it. And I still dress my burgers in the same way they do, in the same order from the bun up. White, red, green, white, red, green. Mayo, ketchup, pickle, onion, tomato, lettuce. Mustard goes on the meat. Yum! Isn't it funny how I can't remember what I needed to get at the grocery store but I can remember the jingle from the training video that I watched in 1990!

  • Yesterday at the mall, there was a pregnant woman standing next to her car in the Expectant Mother parking space...smoking. Ridiculous.

  • I mowed the yard this weekend. We don't have a huge yard, but it's a decent size. I can't believe I used to *like* to mow the yard. The last few years we've had others mow for us, either in a barter for some other service or paying a family member or friend to do it. We were spoiled. Now we can't do that, so I mow. M's too allergic to do it. Lucky him. The saddest part to me was realizing that though this yard is not all that much bigger than our yard in C-U, there's one big thing missing... that big rectangle hole in the ground... *sigh* I miss our pretty pool.

  • Kinlee is sleeping through the night and has been for about 8 or 9 days now. I didn't want to jinx it by talking about it, but I think it's a good routine at this point. She goes down by about 10 or so and gets up between 5 and 6. Then she goes back to sleep for another 2 to 3 hours, so that is very nice. I have a chance to get up when Braska does and have a little time with her first thing.

  • I've been working on a PowerPoint for Braska, kind of like electronic flashcards, since she LOVES the computer so much. It's the alphabet, numbers 1 through 10, and colors. She is really blowing me away. The *first* time I showed it to her she got F - J and O-T right in the alphabet. Like me showing her and not prompting her verbally. Unbelievable. Sesame Street WORKS! Ha! She also did 2 through 10 the same way. I almost fell out of my chair! I'm trying to get video of it for proof. We go over them at least 3 or 4 times a day, and she requests it by coming up and telling me "Numbers!" when she wants to do it again. She just continues to amaze me! If you want me to email you the PowerPoint, drop me an email or a comment and I'll get it to you.


  1. Okay, yay for sleeping through the night! That's awesome. I remember with all three of mine how completely grateful I was to them for finally doing it. (some of them were quicker about it than others...!)

    I'll take that Powerpoint if you don't mind...Evan's really into letters and numbers (and the computer!) lately. And who am I kidding, I'll never get around to making one!

  2. Oh I LOVE the randomness of this blog. I love anything regarding random information about people here are my responses to this post.....
    1.) Wendy's is AWESOME! We just got the one on Prospect back, and I (heart) me some Frosties with a passion!

    2.)I probably would've slapped her...i don't care if she was preggers or not. Ok...I wouldn't have, but I would've really wanted to.

    3.)I have only mowed the lawn two times in my whole life. My dad let me attempt mowing with the riding mower when I was like 15 or 16 and I ran it into the side of the house. I was never allowed to mow again. I tried mowing our yard here just a couple years ago and ran out of gas. I just take it as a sign from the Lord I'm not supposed to:)

    4.)When my kids slept through the night for the first time, I threw a full on party. Any excuse for cake is alright with me!

    5.)Sesamie Stree is the awesomest show on EARTH! I loved it when I was a kid, and even saw Sesamie Street on to the Neil Diamond concert I went to when I was 6, it's one of my greatest memories:)And all three of my girls loved it! I even got the little girl i babysit for hooked on it. Her mom asked me if I was working on certain things with her at my house (the alphabet, counting, etc.) and I sheepishly told her had to be the Sesamie Street:) Who needs preschool?

  3. Powerpoint please...and where is this Wendy's?!?! Yea!

  4. Sleeping through the night...that deserves a BIG hoooooooorayyyy!

    We enjoyed our time down in God's country (lol). I just wish someone would have warned me about 40/64. I would have NEVER gone to the zoo. Someone made the comment, "You didn't know?". What I really wanted to say isn't very nice, so I only said "How would I know that...I live near Chicago...St. Louis traffic doesn't make the news there."

    We will have to get together some time when I'm down. My family usually plans my life when we make it down.

  5. PowerPoint ... electronic flash cards! What a great idea! I'm not surprised Braska is doing so well. We'll be looking for the video.

    Way to go Kinlee on the sleeping! Our family members excel in such activities!

  6. oh, sleeping is so awesome!

    I'd check out the powerpoint. Also I'll plug -- William is really into it, but I think it would be good for younger kids too.

    As for the Wendy's, I love it! I can still tell you the official way to make a Friendly's banana split, which I learned at 17: "black on white, white on black, fruit on fruit" (that's chocolate sauce on vanilla ice cream, marshmallow sauce on chocolate ice cream, and pineapple on strawberry ice cream.)

  7. Great news all around! In regards to powerpoint stuff for Braska, if she's into the computer-drop me an email and I'll send you some links for some pretty cool sites that Dom enjoys that are educational as well as some pc game recommendations-enjoy your sleep :)

  8. Yes, I want to see what you create, now that you've been a homeschool mom for 29 months!

  9. Hi RK,

    Yeah for Wendys and sleeping through the night. Enjoy!

    I'd love a copy of your powerpoint. Thanks for sharing. We are using Love and Learning to help with some of these skills and so far Eliana is enjoying it. She isn't talking nearly as much as Braska though.

  10. wendy's - we're a total fan

    pregnant smoker - very sad

    mowing the lawn/pool - don't do it because of allergies and I long for a pool of my own...

    sleeping kinlee - awesome!

    electronic flash cards - ingenious...

  11. Firstly - YAY for Kinlee and Braska! You have amazing, beautiful girls!

    Secondly - BOO HISS on that smoking mommy!

    Third - The Wendy's comment crakcs me me up - I'm gonna tell on you here RK! We had JUST been talking diets and how we both need diet help and then parted ways from getting the kids at school. I thought of something else I wanted to say so called you on the phone and heard "hold on a minute", so I said "where are you?" and heard "Wendy's"! I think I'm still laughing about that! So funny!

  12. Would love a copy of the powerpoint.. We are at Thanks!

  13. I'd love a copy of the power point presentation! Grifyn loves the computer too!


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