Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today's OB visit

I didn't even have to beg. She was ready for me to make my requests for an induction date, so she was all prepared. The options were Saturday or Monday... I picked Saturday, no surprise, but the hospital preferred Monday, so we go in Sun night to get things going, hopefully deliver Monday morning. That's the plan.

Unless she decides to show up sooner...which is also ok. I'm headed out now to have dinner with a couple pals...mexican. Maybe I can spice Kinlee out of there.


  1. It's 7:28pm as I type. You're going to have to get going if you're going to make my (and several others') predicted date of today :o)
    Love you both -- the baby inside and the mama outside :o)

  2. oohh! How exciting! Praying for a smooth delivery!

  3. I'll be praying that baby arrives safely, either on her own or with a little help! Can't wait to hear the news she's finally with you.

  4. Yeah! Enjoy your last few days being prego. We will be praying for an uneventful delivery. Inductions rock!

  5. So excited!! I'll second that Sara...Inductions do Rock!!! We're praying for everything to go quickly and smoothly. Can't wait to see sweet little Kinlee!

  6. Yipee!!! I cant wait to see her!


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