Friday, February 6, 2009

Ole' and Happy Birthday!

Last night, I was treated to a nice dinner and baby-gifting by Adrienne and Julie, a couple DS moms and buds here. We went to Casa Gallardo, always a winner, and had a nice dinner and lots of good chatting and laughs.

But....for the ressssssst of the story...
There we sit, in a little corner of the dining area, with one other table of two women nearby. Otherwise, the immediate area was empty. Julie had carried in a gift bag, pink and pure baby, and it was sitting on the table on my side. We sat and looked at the menu, finally picked what we wanted, and when the waitress--who looked to be a trainee, with a supervising guy behind her--came to take our order, the ladies deferred to me, saying to start with the "pregnant girl." Seems cut and dried. Pink baby gift bag, VERY pregnant me, comment about pregnancy.

We ate our dinner, talked of all kinds of things, caught up on very important issues (tee hee), and then discussed dessert. The waitress and sidekick returned and we gave them the dessert order. We ended up requesting all three things on the menu....flan (Julie), soapapilla (Adrienne), and fried ice cream (me). I said, "Is that too frivolous??" And Adrienne said something like, "Nah, you're having a baby and it's your night!" (paraphrasing) The waitress and caboose walked away. We continued to chat for a few minutes, then out of the kitchen comes the staff, clapping and singing. Ah, it must be a birthday, we thought. They headed up the few steps to our little terrace, and we paused our conversation and looked to the women next to us at the other table, to smile along as they celebrated a birthday.

BUT NO!! The staff surrounded our table, still singing and clapping, and the three of us could have passed out! We all looked totally dazed, glancing at each other with complete confusion. One of the waiters set the ice cream down in front of me, and they finished their song as we began to snicker a little. As they walked away, they said, "Happy Birthday!" and the waiter/tagalong guy said, "Now the question is, are you 24 or 25?" By this time, I'm just shaking my head and grinning in disbelief as Adrienne and Julie are trying not to laugh. I said, "I'm 35," and he smiled and left.

We cracked up. What in the world!?!? No one said a word about a birthday! Not a thing! We just laughed about it as we ate our dessert (which was not free as it's supposed to be for a birthday!!!) and kept shaking our heads the rest of the evening. What a weird deal!

I thought maybe it would be a cool sign that it was Kinlee's birthday...that she was on her way then, but no dice.

So yeah, happy (extra) birthday to me! Thanks, girls!


  1. that is very funny - you sure would have thought they'd catch on - and geesh, not even a free dessert! Kinlee sure should have taken that as a hint! - so funny.

  2. That is funny! I hope you had a good time!!

  3. Happy extra birthday! I tried adding an extra birthday in June for a while, but unfortunately you age really fast when you do that:P

  4. That's awesome...would have been so cool if Kinlee was born yesterday, then you would have had a story to tell her some day about celebrating her very 1st birthday:o) Maybe you should go out a few more times between now and Monday and see if people sing to you..hahaha!

  5. I thought for SURE there'd be a baby by the end of that story! I was thinking "Wow! She is pretty ciherent for just having a baby!" hahahahah An EARLY birthday for Kinlee!!!

  6. As a waitress I just have to say wow. Happy Birthday?!?!

  7. That is too funny!! You deserve a song :) Hang in there - you are so very close!!

  8. Too funny! Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm excited for you and am looking forward to reading more about Kinlee being here!!!


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