Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For y'all detail people...

Yeah, that's right... I said y'all. I was raised in Texas and Arkansas with a little Kentucky thrown in there... it's who I am. (Be glad I resisted the "you'uns" of Southern Illinois...ick, never could stand that one.)

Ok, since there seems to be a feeling of left-out-ness for a few of you who like more details on the pregnancy, I'll make an attempt. The rest of you can go make your next Scrabble move on Facebook or something.

~I will be 40 weeks on Friday, according to my schedule. According to the OB's schedule, I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow. According to the MFM's schedule, I'll be 39 weeks on Monday. Confusing enough? The bottom line is the math for their schedules just plain doesn't work. Just trust me on that one.

~I go to the OB again tomorrow afternoon, so we'll see. She has previously told me that she would be ok with scheduling an induction for Monday the 9th if I got this far with nothing happening, so that's what I'm gonna be reminding her of and planning on. We can hope things happen before then, but if not, I'm done waiting!

~This weekend I had a few days of more consistent contractions, some periods of a few hours at a time making it seem we were on our way, but nothing continuing regularly. Then the last couple days I've not had any again. So who knows... I'm not all that uncomfortable today, so that part is good. Kinlee's moving some, though understandably less since she's about out of room. I will feel better though when I can actually see her, though.

~Otherwise, as far as "progressing," yes, there has been dilation, though very little, and yes, there has been effacement, about 50% there. She's positioned where she should be and is "on the way" so we're in good shape, just waiting for the next step.

~And no, my bag is still not packed. M said today I need to do it. I suppose so.

~I've had about everything under the sun suggested to try to get labor started.... some of you are WAY more brave than I am! For now, we wait and pray. And we keep trying to convince her to help out a little!


  1. I think the word you meant instead of brave was creepy.

  2. She will come on her own terms, but you can only wait so long. With my first, I went into labor on my due date and he was born the next day (Christmas Eve)1994,weighing in at 8lbs 7.6oz second was due on November 28th, 1998 and he was born 10 days late on his own on Decemeber 7th, but a VERY big baby for my body frame, weighing in at 8lbs third, they concidered a HUGE baby was induced on my due date and was born March 14, 2001 and weighed only a mere 7lbs 1 oz and my forth I MADE THEM INDUCE on the due date of July 25th, 2007 weighing in at 7lbs 2oz.

    Kinlee is her own person and she just isnt ready, but if they suggest induction, I highily recommend it. I had very fast and easy labors with the two inductions, but very hard and LONG labors with the natural.

    Out of 4 babies, only one water broke at home.

    Good luck....She will be here before you know it

  3. I was induced with Mitchell and it was kind of nice. I was able to make sure the house was clean and everything was in order. I got an epidural once the contractions started and it only took about 5 hours and 2 pushes - good luck!


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