Tuesday, February 3, 2009

7 pm and all is well

... well, that is, if you are in the crowd that chose later than today for Kinlee's arrival.

It's been a less-than-fun couple of days, not that I'm squirming-ly uncomfortable, but in that Braska is a snot machine (again, I don't know how you do it--those of you who have to deal with this alot!) and M stayed home from work yesterday sick, slept all day except for when he needed meds and food, and I had the joy of tending to them both. Today, he went to work, but slept at lunch and went to bed as soon as he got home. I guess it's good that we're not in labor at this point, but still. I keep wondering if I get days off ever again... like the real kind. Like when you just do stuff you WANT to do all day. Oh well, my days aren't all that bad, just wondering...

And yes, I know it's gonna get worse before it gets better as far as peaceful and enjoyable, happy, fun days go. I'm not *totally* crazy.

Still, I'm just weary of this waiting phase. I'm no good at waiting. If I know something is coming up, I want it to get here and get done so I can move on to the next thing.

For now, I am snot-wiper, medicine-giver, toddler-feeder-and-chaser, husband-tender, and, as always, house-straightener. At least I've got something to pass the time, right??

So if you made a guess and it's past already, feel free to re-up.

Oh, and I'm not one to "try" a variety of things to get this action going, but anyone have a particular something they think pressed the last button and sent them into labor? Might as well share fun stories while I wait!


  1. Snot wiper. Yuck. After 5 years of running a daycare I've had my fill and yet, found myself picking my daughters nose today because I was sick of looking at the dried boogers in her nose. Ah, isn't being a mom a glamorous job?

    I don't have any suggestions for moving things along; the first was induced on my due date; the second was a planned c-section and the third was a planned c-section but decided to come 3 weeks early. Everyone tried to walk the first one out of me, though. Obviously, it didn't work.

  2. Oh RK - I was so hoping this was the "introducing Kinlee...." post :0( BUT I guess the timing just isn't right since everyone is out of sorts. Hmmmmm.....walk, walk, walk - I know you've heard it before, and it doesn't always work, but it does get contractions going at times.

    And I have given up on the day off stuff - even when I have an occasional day with no kids it is because I need to spend uninterrupted time at something else - nothing fun that I would have chosen. Now an evening off - I can swing those every once in awhile and tomorrow night is one - I can't wait for that!

    So my new guess is 2/6 (I know folks that have this b-day) 11:25am, 7lbs. 14oz and 20 1/2 in.

  3. Sorry about the snot. I know ALL about the snot. And this late in the game pregnancy stuff is for the birds!! :P I tell ya' the thing that worked with Rainer...pitocin!!! But seriously, jalepenos and walking worked with Georgia! :)

  4. I didn't get a vote in yet, so I'm gonna say Thursday night around 7pm-ish.

    And as for good suggestions, I don't really have any that you should do, but I have advice you *shouldn't* follow: don't drink cod liver oil - no matter who tells you it'll start the contractions. It.won't.work.

  5. I still guess Thurs, about 3 or 4!

  6. Okay, so I am sticking with my day...tomorrow! And as some weird thing I had Arby's before both my girls were born and even though I was in the hospital to be induced my water broke and everything happened on it's own with Maddy. So I say go out and have yourself a Roast Beef with Arby's sauce tomorrow, that should get things movin'! Can't wait to hear:o)

  7. Get in the rocking chair. Rock, rock, rock. It moves the baby's head into your pelvis. Good luck!

  8. Don't have any stories, but unless I miss my guess, you won't have any days left to do just what you want to do. I don't remember any.

  9. Popeyes fried chicken... the spicier one. And I've heard about other things which probably aren't appropriate to post here :)... but then again, I haven't actually found them to work.

  10. Ugh, I too hate snot and it's constant flow!

    After Mitchell (my 2nd) was born I regret not sending Cameron to grandma's for a couple hours a day (if that's an option for you with Braska). I feel like because I was taking care of Cameron I missed out on those early weeks getting to know my new baby.

  11. take caster oil. I did and I was in labor w/in a few hours. It is gross and I mixed it with orange juice, but it worked on 2 of my babies.

  12. The only "button" I had with you 6 was the boiled okra (Yuck)the night before Rach came -- 11 days early! A woman in the church told me I should eat it. Thirty minutes of labor the next morning and Rach was here!
    I'm still planning for tomorrow.
    Need help? Call the Grammyphone :o)


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