Sunday, February 8, 2009

5 hours and counting

That's when we head to the hospital to start this fun induction process. 7:30pm is when we're to show up and get things going.

Last night we spent about 4 hours up there. Not because there were contractions or pain or anything... nothing so exciting. I'd begun to feel bad around 11 am yesterday, really lightheaded and very weak all over. I couldn't really hold Braska, and just felt like a limp noodle. I slept for a while, rested alot, ate some food, drank water, and decided to call L&D at around 4pm. I am fairly famous, as a patient, for not calling to ask about things and not reporting things I should. So I decided it would be just horrendous to get this far and then have something go wrong when I should have asked or told someone about it.

So I called, my OB was in the L&D area, so I talked to her. She agreed that it didn't sound "pregnancy related" but that we should still probably check it out if it didn't improve. She said to drink some milk and rest for about an hour, see if I felt better, and if not, come in to L&D for a check. They just kept asking me if I'd eaten, since I'd lost another pound this week at my appointment. But I had...really, I had.

At around 5pm, Rach, Skye, and Julia came by and picked up Braska to join them on some girl fun, and M and I headed to the hospital. We were there for a couple hours, then I sent M home. They took blood, had me on the monitors, and I just rested. Dr. N, my OB, decided that if I was ok with going home, that was probably best. Labs were good, BP was ok. I think if I'd have begged, they'd have let me stay and get going a day early on induction, but I was fine to come home and sleep here. She told me to come back if I had any more concerns or symptoms, and they'd just start me then. Since we've got the plan in place for going tonight, we'll stick to that.

So far today, I'm feeling ok. We slept late, all three of us, which was nice. I'm packing and getting the house cleaned up. I just made some lunch, and B is sleeping. Mom should be here in a few to take over Braska duty. The in-laws came by on their way to the airport today, since they're out of town for the next couple days. No, they're not was already planned. And I'd pick Florida too over sitting in a waiting room, at this point! They deserve a little trip away, that's for sure.

I don't know the details of how things will go. I don't know the order of happenings as they'll go tonight and tomorrow morning. I'm hoping that by lunch tomorrow, we'll have pics of Kinlee for all to see.

We appreciate your prayers for safety for Kinlee first, relatively painless delivery for me (yay for drugs!!), and a smooth transition to this new era for our little family.


  1. I've been thinking about you all day! Was wondering if things had started on their own, but it's just as well this way. It's kind of nice to know when it's all going to start. I am sending love and strength and I can't wait to see the new little sis! Give Braska some extra squeezes today.

  2. Blessings and prayers tonight!!! Can't wait for Kinlee to join us (and for you to not have to tolerate pregnancy any longer :) ).

  3. You are in our prayers for a relatively painless delivery of a healthy new addition. And for all the joy that another child brings. I keep checking here for updates. Much love to you friend!

  4. So excited for you! Get some good rest tonight:o) Can't wait to see her!

  5. I have been checking in all day! Sending prayers your way....

  6. Yeah! Kinlee's almost here! We will pray for a safe and comfortable delivery for you tonight and look forward to seeing her sometime tomorrow!

  7. How exciting! Prayers for you all! Best of luck w/ everyting. I can't wait to see pictures'

  8. Wow, you must be there already! Very exciting. I'll be thinking of you all.


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