Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Time for the good stuff

There's been alot of really frustrating and less-than-happy-face-making things that have popped up over the last week or so. I've talked to some of you about some of them, I've kept most to myself, and a few I'm probably in denial about. I'm tired of the frustration and feeling annoyed. So let's turn the corner...

Many of you post about things that you are grateful about, and I think that's a great use of a blog, for sure. I find that I haven't been as clear about the many blessings that have come our way in this past few months, especially, so it's time to focus a bit on the good stuff! Can't go wrong there, no way.

~Tomorrow we close on our house in C-U. We loved that house. It held good memories and some painful ones. It was a great place to spend the last 4 years, and it provided well for us and many friends. We're sad to see it go, but we sold a house in this current market in less than 2 months, listing to close. Wonderful!

~M has a job that provides for our family, and he's learning the ropes. He's been putting in alot of time, so we miss him some, but we're glad for the job and the opportunities it provides.

~We found a house in less than one week of house hunting. We close on Abbey on 8/12. We're working like crazy through the maze of details to get things in order in time. There have been some snags, but we're making it work. We're really looking forward to what's next for us in this new place.

~It's been great to be close to family and get to see at least some of them weekly instead of a few times a year. It does take some adjustment to learn how to be in a different kind of relationship with them, but it's a pretty enjoyable adjustment. They have been so great at helping us deal with all kind of things during this transition.

~Pepino 2 is on the way. (We called Braska "The Pepino" before she was born.) Who knows what will come, but we know it will be exactly what we need and cuteness will abound.

~Our friends in C-U were super about helping us move and took great care of us and our place after we were gone. Randy was a kickin' lawn boy, and Jen was the coolest of pool chicks! We miss all of you "back home" and maybe when things calm down in fall for all of us, we can start having some visitors!

For a bigger picture.... Braska's 20 months old. In those 20 months...
~We've survived some of the toughest times our marriage has seen. I will survive!

~Braska has had some of the best doctors, nurses, and caregivers possible. She came through her open heart surgery with little complication. She has yet to have an ear infection or a true cold or flu. She is by far the healthiest kid overall that we know.

~We've been SO blessed to have the most caring and selfless therapists from day one in IL. Louise, Robin, and Judy.... there are no better! We love and we miss you still! Now we have super-cool Carey to organize things for us, and Jocelyn is SO good with Braska and as nice as they come!

~And we've become a part of this crazy, witty, fun, confusing, trying, and so-rewarding world of the Down syndrome community. Bloggers, forums, friends online and IRL. I've learned more than I could ever give proper credit for from all of you. Yeah, that's right, you and you and you. Oh and of course, you too.

We are blessed. Things being frustrating does not negate the blessings and provisions we've been granted. It's my job to focus on the good stuff! Let's have it... what's one thing you're thankful for??


  1. One thing I am greatful for?


  2. A great list! It helps to reflect on the good things. It's so easy to think about the bad and get in a rut. Thanks for the reminder. My day was not so great so I needed this reminder. :)

  3. That is a wonderful list - I'm glad that it helped you feel better. I have to do that too when I'm starting to let the bad stuff get the best of me.

    I'm grateful for all of my online friends - the support and information that they share!!

  4. I'm grateful for a friend like you.

    Our "first" year of being mommies to two special kiddos and one year that has been walked so closely along the same path in many aspects.... yet literally miles apart.

    I'm grateful for your blog and for the opportunity to share our life and 'hints' and sadness and joy and just the sheer exhaustion!

    Praise God that he placed you in our path!

    Stay strong, your preganancy will bring you a child of great joy, whomever that might be. And your new home will bring you years of comfort. Now, go get some rest my friend. :)

  5. I am greatful for family. My current and future (maybe). I love that you live close now. It is soo fun. Best of luck with the casa's!

  6. such a good thing to do! well done for focusing on the good stuff when things are frustrating, it will reap much reward my friend :)
    I also find it hard to do this, but when I force myself I actually end up soaring with joy. Maybe I need to return to my 'list of thanks'? You have certainly encouraged me to do so once again, so thank you!
    Right now - I'm thankful that my kids are all at home with me for the summer holidays, and that we're all enjoying some real quality times together!
    Blessings to you :)

  7. Just one thing? :) I'm grateful my baby girl and all that I've learned in being her mom. The heartaches and the joys. I've been blessed.

  8. I am grateful that Larkin has role model for pony tails. :) Did I mention how darn cute Braska is in the picture??

  9. Sounds like you have a lot to be grateful for! I wish you the best with the things that are lying heavy on your heart right now!

    I'm grateful for my family! (I know it is so generic, but I am!)

  10. We got a car - just what I wanted - for HALF of what I expected to pay. That left money for the repairs we DIDN'T expect -- a new floor to hold a new furnace, new water heater and new pressure tank, all of which we really needed to replace. The old floor disintegrated when it got soaked from a clogged AC condensation drain. God is good ALL the time!

  11. I'm grateful for my children, but especially for my girls. They more than anyone keep me grounded and focused on the good.


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