Monday, July 7, 2008

The new same ol'

I've had alot I thought about blogging about, but I can't seem to find 5 minutes of lucidity to compose any thoughts. How you 3-a-day-post-people do it....I'm so clueless.

Braska's got 5 therapy appointments per week now, so that in itself makes for busy. And this week we added an appointment for me today, and an appointment for her with the pediatrician tomorrow. That's alot of places to be in 5 days. Oh, and we're also going to look at houses tomorrow night, but it's very preliminary.

This weekend we spent 3 days in South County with the fam, I'm thinking we need a vacation home there already. Am I glad the drive is only 40 mins? Yes!! Do I kind of wish for weekends like this it was 10? Yuppers. I'm so darn exhausted. We had a great 4th hanging out at Cindy's place by the pool. Then Saturday Cheryl had a graduation party and we hung out some with Jerry and Nadine, relatives from Iowa, who were in town. Sunday it was back down for church and lunch before Jerry and Nadine took off, then hangtime at the parents for the afternoon. This coming weekend my brother-in-law is getting married, so we're headed south again, but they're worth it.

We had to find another place for Belle to go. She offended her host, so we found another willing party to take her. Thank you Nancy!!!!!!! I think she'll be very happy. I just want her to be happy, but I'm sure she is confused, and that's sad to me.

For those of you who like preg updates... I'm feeling icky and un-good, but nothing like the bad most of you probably deal with. Just a constant not-good that lets up for a few hours in the middle of the day. It sure makes normal things more difficult. I'm having some sleep issues, but I think they're related to exterior influences, not the tummy baby. I went to the OB today, very nice doc. She is sending me to an MFM (maternal fetal medicine specialist) next week for an ultrasound to determine when this baby's gonna get here. And of course, I'm high risk, ya know. Will be 35 when I deliver, history of baby with chromosomal issues and heart defect.... and some other stuff. High risk. Watch out! I agreed to go because I don't mind ultrasounds, but I made clear that I'm not interested in the invasive testing... what? we may have a kid with a chromosomal abnormality? No! Say it ain't so! Yeah, that would be the easy option, we've decided. We KNOW how to do THAT! It's them regular kids we don't know what to do with.

Alright, enough of this stream of consciousness blogging. Dangerous, it is. And I don't cotton to such things. Time to try to sleep again.


  1. Ha...It's called scheduled posting! LOL Gotta love it! I am glad things are going good and that your feeling ok. Praying that that ick feeling, that I remember OH so well, goes away really quickly! And be prepared to stick to your guns for the non invasive testing..they did that crap to me.

  2. I have trouble blogging too - and I often feel so boring. Oh well. It's good to catch up when you can.

    I'm sorry that you are feeling icky. I swear by cinnamon gum and those sea bands for that all day ick.

    I hope Belle likes her new home. She'll get settled soon - don't worry.

  3. Mom and Dad are LOVING Belle! My dad is busy playing with her and teaching her the ways of the "pet" door! Josiah will be sure to keep her busy when we get back on Friday! Dad says she is the best dog he has ever seen! That is saying a lot coming from my father! Trust me!!
    I hope you get to feeling better soon! I will call you when we get back into town.

  4. Good to hear from you! You'll like going to MFM, they always really know what they are talking about, and althought the one that I went to see did not have great bedside manner, the nurses were awesome and I always looked forward to my visits. When you get a little further and they do the Fetal EKG (non-invasive) it is really cool. I thought it was amazing to see Maddy's little heart pumping like that before she was even born:-) It was good to see you last week. Get some rest:-)

  5. Sorry about the sickness, and the latest with Belle, but glad to hear you guys are doing okay.

    High risk, blah, whatever. I tried to think of it as just lots of extra ultrasounds, and it's always nice to get a peek.

    good luck with house hunting! never a dull moment for you guys.

  6. I don't cotton to such things either. I hear homes are cheaper in South County. That would leave Muncher to do the heavy duty driving and you would get the easy duty. (evil sinister laughter).

  7. Well best of luck with all the appts. this week. We will see you on Saturday!

  8. here's wishing you happy dreaming and non-nauseating wakefulness.

  9. Oh RK, Hope your ick feeling doesn't last too terribly much longer.

    I'm laughing at your comment about not knowing what to do with a typical kid, that is so true! Too funny.

    take care, Sandi

  10. I sure miss you around here. Glad to hear that you are feeling better and the comment about not knowing what to do with a typical kid made me laugh outloud.

    I'll take that dog any day of the week!!! I should have put that out there earlier and maybe I would have her now!!

    Keep on keepin on and since I didn't do it with Belle - I'll take Braska and the baby any day of the week too!


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