Monday, July 21, 2008

Breathing (and blogging) break

Today's got-it-done list ...
(Psst...Do you cringe when you see a blog post start like this... like who cares what you're doing today on a boring Monday, RK?!? Feel free to move on... but you kinda wonder now, don't ya?)

~Fed a kiddo. (the quick way)
~Called apartment office to request service since our A/C started leaking water everywhere again.
~Scrambled to get dressed when the doorbell rang much sooner than I'd expected.
~Straightened up the place while they worked on the A/C.
~Fed a kiddo (the long and messy way) resulting in both of us being covered in milk and yogurt.
~Gave messy kiddo a bath. Didn't take time for one myself.
~Put clean kiddo to nap.
~Printed, signed, scanned, and emailed back documents to one IL realtor, one lender, and then a second batch to the lender.
~Vacuumed the mess left by the A/C maintenance guys. Did the rest of the apartment since it was out.
~Called new insurance agent to start that tedious process of insuring 2 cars and 1 house, per request of the lender.
~Called cable company to report our box slowly dying.
~Talked to automated cable lady voice for 18 minutes with no other choice for a live agent.
~Finally talked to a live agent with the demeanor of... well, nothing I can put there will avoid offending all possible parties. Just not a good demeanor.
~Convinced live agent after 38 minutes that I just wanted to go to a location and switch boxes. Got the location address, 3 minutes from here. *sigh*
~Emailed more info to the lender.
~Confirmed the contract glitches are settled for the Champaign house. Yay!!!
~Fed a kiddo lunch. (the quick way)
~Fed a husband (mine) lunch the microwave-leftovers-from-Olive-Garden way.
~Paid online bills with accounts in both IL and MO.
~Transferred money from IL to MO account.
~Called for status on kiddo's Sure Steps.
~Followed up with construction estimator for quote needed this morning (it's late).
~Talked to MO realtor about next step with contract/inspection/repairs, etc.
~Called husband to verify agreement about the next step.
~Completed weekend's work-work and returned to clients.
~Sent final invoices for clients.
~Made a bank run for deposit (MO bank).
~Made a Dr Pepper run for husband.
~Put kiddo to bed.

Now it's time to get the last few undone items done before bed. Or not.

What did you do today??


  1. Holy moly RK, my head is spinning just reading this.

  2. I am going to have to agree with M anyone who buys DP does rule. You had quite the busy day. My Monday was sleep in sit on the couch all day playing on the computer went to dinner and saw Mama Mia. Slightly less productive then yours. :o)

  3. Since we found yesterday that our AC condensation line was clogged (rust) and had soaked and ruined the floor of the furnace room, I started out yesterday afternoon with the AC man. Furnace,AC coil, Water heater and pressure tank old and need replacement. Got furnace estimate. Outside at 7:00 this morning to pick Japanese beetles off the garden veggies and fruit trees. Quick shower and cereal. Plumber here at 8; emptied closets adjoining furnace room, carpenter here at 9. more estimates. Called furnace company to order new electric furnace. called Lowes to order water heater; called Family Center to order well pressure tank -- all in same room whose floor is demolished.What a blessing we have the $$ to pay for it! Called refrigerator repair because NEW ice maker is leaking. He'll be out in the morning. Made 6 ministry phone calls. Read/answered about 40 emails. Made lunch for fam. Bible reading. Took up vinyl in damaged room. Bleached molded areas. Selected paint for walls.(some of RK's leftovers). Picked more beetles from flowering shrub. made supper.30-minute counseling call from confused lady. made another ministry call. worked on JC's transcript. Read blogs and here I am! Will fix more food when RP gets home from basketball.

  4. we know that the crazy busyness runs in the family...all I did today was sit in a house with no electric from 8:30a-5:00p...we had super duper storms all morning and stir crazy kids all day. did do a bit of housework, but nothing like your list!


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