Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pregnant Brain:Wrong feet, wrong sheet

We call it pregnant brain. Some call it pregnant stupid (yeah, you know who you are). It just means that for many, and I'm one of them, when carrying a parasite of sorts, known as a tummy baby around here, the host loses a great deal of it's thinking capacity, memory, and common sense. I'm sure I'll have plenty of examples for you as the months go on. If any of you other prego buddies wanna share your stories so that I don't feel so silly, please feel free.

I have incidents everyday of this fun side effect, but today was a sad first for me. M called before lunch and asked if Braska and I wanted to meet him up by his work in Historic Downtown St. Charles at a new Mexican place he heard about. I'm always up for such an outing, so the girls got dressed and headed out. (Yes, we got dressed just before lunch... it's what we do.) We parked right by the still-slightly-high Missouri River and walked up to cobblestoned Main Street. There was M waiting on a bench for us. He took Braska and we went to lunch.

We liked the place. Although we can't get used to this smoking-allowed-in-restaurants thing. We were so spoiled in C-U where it's no smoking indoors. SO nice! Anyway, after trying many places, it was probably our fave so far. And it's like 2 blocks from M's office, so handy, and it was practically empty since he takes a late lunch. Good all around. We had a relaxing lunch, and he headed back up to work while we went to the car.

Did I forget about the pregnant brain part in this story-telling of mine? Nope, hang in there.

So we've been to lunch. We head to meet up with Rachel so she can drop Patrick's car off at the shop and we take her back home. I get a call from my prego buddy Sara while we're there and chat with her all the way to Rach's and then to Wal-Mart. Braska and I go in, I'm shopping and talking to Sara. (No, I haven't learned my lesson about that yet. ) I pick up the things I need. Finish my conversation, pick out some greeting cards, head to checkout.

We get home, unload up the stairs, and settle in for the afternoon. I go to get back in comfy clothes, and I take Braska's sandals off. All this time they've been on the wrong feet!! I took that poor kid out for like 2 1/2 hours with her sandals on the wrong feet! Pregnant Brain strikes again. I've never done that before... it's so silly! Poor thing. But she didn't complain once.

Oh, and I bought fitted sheets for a project I needed flat sheets for. I looked right at the word "fitted" and somehow saw "flat." I'm not going back tonight. The project will wait.


  1. oh I have so many of these...they make me fact speaking for my own experience, I have never fully regained my brain cells.

    My favorite one though is when I was pregnant with Isaiah, my first. Mom and I went shopping specifically to fill orders for this fundraiser thing we were sponsoring at church - we were buying shoes for needy school kids in the area. On the way to the store to buy the shoes (only mission remember) I was just making the comment to mom that I didn't seem to experiencing the lack of memory/brain lapse issues that other pregnant women had warned me about.

    We arrive at the store, walk to the shoe dept. where it is there that I discover that I didn't bring the shopping list - giving us the pertinent details (like shoe sizes and genders of the children!!) to accomplish our mission. Talk about eating my words!!!

  2. At least you had your shoes on the right feet:)

  3. My brain was double the mess when I was pregnant!!

  4. What is the Mexican place called?

  5. That has nothing to do with being pregnant; it's called brain overload. It should ease up when your schedule does. Will that ever happen ? :o)
    Do you remember when you HAD to wear your shoes on the wrong feet?

  6. My favorite prego story was when I was talking with a friend on the phone. I was getting ready to leave the house and I'm thinking where is that dang phone. I'm even telling my fried.... whom I'm talking to on that dang phone.....that I can't find my phone!!!

  7. I'm not even pregnant and I can't spell the word friend!!

  8. I had many many Pregnancy brain moments - still do and I'm not pregnant. LOL!

  9. Oh, RK! I have these little "moments" nearly every day. You just gotta' laugh. If it's any consolation no one ELSE noticed the shoes either! :)

  10. Oh, at her age she probably didn't even notice.

    I love Historic Downtown St. Charles. It is so pretty and I love how it is right along the Missouri River. I love the Olde Towne Spice Shoppe. My mom and sisters and I often place orders from there since we can't just drop by.


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