Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hey DS Parents, Therapy session question

Do you guys take pictures of your therapy sessions? Videos? And if so, do any of you post them on your blogs or websites? Do any of your therapy providers have policies regarding that specifically?

I had a situation about this today, which I can't really post about here. I'd like some input. If you're game to help me out, leave me a comment and I'll send you the whole story. For those of you on DownSyn, it's on there too.

Thanks, Team!


  1. I don't, but more because I work full time and don't have time to do it - if I could I would. I would love to have a blog like yours, because this blog has been so helpful for me.

    I have gotten ideas of things to try with my child (who also has DS and is slightly younger than Braska.)

    Knowing how Miss B is during therapy, and how similar it is to many of the things we do at therapy, and how happy both our kids are during therapy and how well they are doing is huge. I think blogs like Braska's go a LONG way toward removing much of the stigma and fear people who find out that they have children with DS have.

    The ability for us as parents to share and communicate what is working for us is one large advantage our kids have over kids that were raised even 15-20 years ago. I know I can be a better parent to my child because of the resources we all share online.


  2. I've taken pics and videos of therapy before. I've never been told of any policy not to and our therapist didn't say that she cared.

  3. much so that I popped over and read the downsyn post.

    I don't do pictures or video, but I always post copies of the session reports. Mostly because I like to archive it for myself (those damn yellow sheets are scattered all over my house) but also because I think it might be interesting, maybe give some ideas to other people. I think of those reports as mine, to do with as I please. Although I don't use anyone's name. It never occurred to me that I should ask for permission. (I can see where it might be different with a photo/image.)

    Online privacy is a weird weird thing.

  4. I'll try and head over to downsyn at some point to see what's going on.

    I do occasionally take pictures of Delphine's therapy. I tend to cut the therapists out of the picture - at lease "full face" shots....and focus on what D is doing. I do usually ask if it's okay to post the pictures if the therapist is in the photo.

    I'm sorry you are having to deal with a situation. I certainly enjoy seeing therapy pictures...I think it's great to see what's going on and what everyone is doing.

  5. I do not take pictures, mainly because I am so scattered when the folks show up and I feel a little funny about it. Although I have often wished I could refer back to a photo or video. I'll admit I have often wondered if you (others) have permission to post the pics because I know people are weird about having things online. I imagine they are worried about being sued for bad advice or something. Not sure. I always assumed your folks were happy to participate. I also like SEEING your pics/videos b/c I get to see what B is doing and get ideas for our therapies.

  6. I don't take pictures or video therapy sessions, mainly because I forget. If I would, I'd ask the therapist's permission and would tell them that there would be no identifying info.

    I think it's great to share what goes on in a therapy session. Different people have different tricks. It's a great way to get new ideas.

  7. I usually try to be conscious of whose pictures I post and try to make sure they are ok with it. I don't think I ever took pics of Peanut's sessions, but I started blogging a month before she turned 3 and started school. I had asked her teacher about it with the district and she said it was not a problem as noone had stated no pictures. I've talked about therapy on my blog and never really had any therapists seem opposed to it.

  8. I do take pictures but when I realized the current OT wasn't comfortable with having herself in them, I just take them of him and maybe a little bit of her w/o her face.

    I'd be interested in hearing your story.

  9. I didn't really take any photos (and no videos) because I wasn't blogging when Kayla was going through ECI so didn't think about it :) I did take just a couple photos w/her OT and ST on one but wish I had had more.

  10. I know the agency that I used to work for wouldn't allow the staff to be video taped and photographed--though some staff did and it came back to bite them. I think it was for privacy reasons, but also because they felt parents would use it to kind of criticize the staff-though we worked with some super crazy parents--who at times were very manipulative. They would also use them to "show" that the staff wasn't qualified or that the therapy wasn't working (also worked with kids with autism, not DS at the time) I am not sure that this would be the case with you. Interested in hearing more from you . . .just my five cents

  11. I don't photo or video. Half the time I don't even see what's going on because I'm dealing with a sibling crisis. I just get the quick here's what we worked on speech at the end. Bad mama.


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