Friday, July 11, 2008

Abbey: The offer is in

We signed and initialled a zillion papers tonight and officially submitted an offer for Abbey. We're to hear back by 6pm tomorrow evening. We're assuming counter offers and so on. We'll see. I'm not too excited yet, just in case it doesn't pan out. But I think it would be nice if it did, that's for sure. I'll put up some pics if we get a contract. I'll tell you this much... it's just over 1/2 the square footage of our last place, so my mind is already planning for every efficient plan for storage and vertical space usage. But the bright spot is the Jacuzzi tub (very odd for this house) so at least we can relax if we get a minute. There's some work to be done, but we hope to get it at a price that will allow us to do that stuff, thanks to big help from family.

We found out today (on the way to submit the offer) that there has been a slight snafu in the sale of our Champaign house. It's still on, but there's some kinks to iron out regarding a repair we're trying to get done prior to closing. We've got a plan, so we're gonna see if the buyers like it or have another idea. Pray that we can get this all tied up soon!

Can I just say how happy I'll be when the selling and buying of houses is over for a while!?! Just think, in the midst of all this fun, it'll be time to pack up and move again in just a few weeks. *sigh* I just keep chanting, "We are so blessed. It's all been good. We're gonna make it." Then I go collapse and rest.


  1. keep on with that chant/rest cycle...and hope everything comes to a screeching halt soon - due to that fact that everything is sold, moved and settled!

  2. And at least you are getting it out of the way early into your pregnancy. I was 9-months pregnant at the end of the building of our house (talk about stress!) and we moved in two weeks after Emmy was born...after being bedridden due to illness for those two weeks!

    Just remember..God is good, and He is always in control! And having family close by to help in such times is really the only way to go:o)


  3. You poor girl. Can't imagine going through all this moving during pregnancy and caring for Braska. Hang in there your doing awesome!!

  4. Can't wait to hear how it all goes!! Praying for you and the whole process:-)


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