Thursday, July 10, 2008

Speed shopping

Tuesday evening Rachel, Braska, and I went to look at 6 houses. M went with me on Wednesday evening to see the top 3. We ruled 1 out and debated 2 of them. Today we've ruled out another and decided to make an offer on the remaining contender.

When did we start doing everything at lightning speed?!?'s already changed. I wrote the above at 10:30am this morning. Now it's 4:15pm. Just after that, I talked to our realtor to tell her about our decision to offer, but after talking to her about some options she suggested, I agreed to go look again at a few more that were just a tad outside our target area (like 0.5 mi). Don't laugh. With lights and traffic, that can be the difference between coming home for lunch and not. One of our issues with the top contender, we'll call it Pam, from yesterday was that there was no garage or carport. (But it had a KILLER kitchen...HGTV style!) Only parking areas on the driveway. That's no good for St. Louis ice storms in the winter, especially. So we looked at the possibility of what it would cost to add a 1-car garage to the house, then pondered if we could get what we wanted if we added that to our purchase budget. Blah blah blah. In the end, I ran out to meet Sandra to see three more options in the same neighborhood, just over the next big street/exit from us. Braska and I checked out three places, two were contenders, but the nicest one was in an iffy neighborhood, so I had to let it go. Just couldn't get over some of the neighboring houses. So now we're down to one from today, that is, versus our one from yesterday. Ah the choices...

In the end, after comparing them, we've decided on the one from today, we'll call it Abbey. It has a 2-car garage versus none, and the rest of the house and amenities are comparable, AND it's listed just a tad less on a quieter street. All in all, I think it would be a better match for us. It's still quite small inside, but it has a nice finished basement for extra space for M's "man lair."

We'll be making an offer tomorrow evening officially, so we'll see. If it's magically sold today, so be it. That means it wasn't "our house" to have, but otherwise, I think we'll be in good shape. And it's vacant, so we can close in plenty of time to get moved before our end of lease here on 8/31.

Less than a week of house shopping, really only 3 days! That's nuts. But when we have such a small target area, it helps narrow things down. I feel good about things. I feel comfortable with our decision, and that's a good thing. But stay tuned.... ya just never know around here!


  1. Hahaha - I am just so tickled that you named the houses you're looking at!! We totally should have done that when we were house-hunting, it would've simplified things a lot!

    Good luck finding your new home!

  2. sounds like your on a roll - at this pace you'll be settled into a house that is yours in no time

  3. Lightning speed rules! No messing around, you guys get stuff done.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed on the offer. You did pick the one with the best name. :)

  4. Holy cow! You really have been busy. Best of luck with the contract! A 2 car garage is so great! You are right winters here can be harsh. So they are wonderful things to have.

  5. I love the house names! Fingers are crossed for you!


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