Friday, July 18, 2008

No offense to the realtors

BUT--I'm ready to not have to be dealing with you guys! Now, let me clarify, my realtors, both the ones selling our house in C-U and the one helping us buy here, are GREAT! They've been marvelous and so so so so so helpful. And I'm so very thankful that we have sold our home so quickly and found another super fast. And I'm glad that we are blessed to just be able to own another home. So I don't mean to be sounding ungrateful at all. It's just that I'm growing weary of dealing with buyers in one state, sellers in another, inspections in both, attorneys, closings, credits for this and that, lenders in both states, fees, and lots of dates and appointments to remember.

My hope is that soon it will be over. Our closing date for the sale in C-U is set for 7/30 (but we may make it earlier if the buyers want to). We're not going back for it, so the attorney is signing everything for us to save the trip. My mother and sister are headed back to C-U right now, doing the 6-hour round trip today, to pick up what's left of our stuff in the garage, so we'll be officially out of the house by this afternoon. Big thanks to them for doing this without me and Braska needing to come along!!! Our closing date on our new place is 8/12, then we start a couple weeks of some small construction/remodeling, appliance buying/installation, cleaning, maybe painting, and finally moving. I only hope at this point that if you see me the first week of September that I still have some sanity and know my own name.

We had our inspection yesterday at Abbey, and it was nice to have access to the house for a couple hours to do lots of measuring, figuring, and visualizing. Charlie, the inspector, was super nice and thorough. Jason, the construction estimator, was also very cool and efficient. We've got alot to consider and discuss about the inspection, so we're talking to Sandra, the realtor, today about what the next step is. Hopefully it can all be ironed out very soon. I took alot of pics, but I'll hold on to them for a bit longer before posting, just in case...

We're gonna make it!! It's just gonna be another crazy few weeks... so hold on, kids... it may be a wild ride!!


  1. what an exciting time - hang in there and we'll be praying it all gets worked out smoothly.

  2. Girl,
    You are doing things like I usually do, super-out-of-control, Hang in there. :)

  3. The suspense is killing me! I want to see pictures.

    Seriously, I hope things go smoothly. Fingers crossed.

  4. Hang in there! Isn't it crazy that such an exciting process can be such a pain in the neck! =)
    We'll be praying for all of you!

  5. Hello...came here from Debbie Yosts site.

    Sounds like you are having a busy and exciting time.

    Hang in there. A girl here from work just went through some similar stuff. I do not envy you, at least on the selling, buying yadda, yadda stuff.

    And congrats on the pregnancy...just glanced at that post, will have to read more.

    See you later and feel free to stop by anytime!


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