Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sweet sleep

A full night of sleep is a beautiful thing. Man, I'm so spoiled with this usually good sleeper kid I have. Last night was back to the norm, down peacefully and out for the night. And that was both of us, thank goodness.

Today we head to the GI for a g-button check-up and then check in to see if the parts for her glasses are in. If they are, we're done with this trip to StL. I'm really praying we get to go home today. I'm ready to be home.


  1. So glad you got some sleep!! Yay!
    Hoping you get to come home.

  2. Hurray for Grandma C!

    Will see you Saturday; get those tiles and wax ring ready :o)

  3. Glad you got some zzz's and and she's feeling better! Hopefully the day 'o doctors goes well and you're headed back to c-town!

  4. Melissa--Amen, sleep is good.

    Mom--I can't think about Saturday's project til I get home. But we'll be ready.

    Shannon--I was we'll hope for tomorrow.

    Jen--No heading to c-town today, but fingers crossed for tomorrow.


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