Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quick list

~We had a great Easter...friends Cory and Mary came to visit! The first time we've ever had friends come from far away to JUST visit us (mostly...there were a couple other lucky people to get to see them.) We felt very very special!

~We're headed to St. Louis in about 10 minutes. Picking up glasses, doing labwork, maybe seeing the nutritionist, and making a quick jump to Columbia for a drop off of Braska's too-small clothes and meeting two new babies...Lillie and Millie...not twins, both friends of ours, but they don't know each other. And they live like a mile apart! We'll have to orchestrate a meet-up!

~I have so many post ideas I want to deal with, but I'm even worse with time lately than ever! Maybe when I get a chance to be home for more than 10 days straight!

~And the best news....I've found a little "travel assistant" named Zoey who is a total God-send! She's traveling with us to help occupy Braska in the car and give me extra hands and smarts along the way. She's a peach of a 13-year-old, and I'm SO thrilled with the arrangement. Thanks to Karen K for the big connection. :o)

Have a great day!! What's on YOUR schedule?


  1. Good luck with your traveling!
    How great that you will have someone with you - I'm interested to hear how it all goes!

  2. it was great seeing you - let us know when you make it home and next time you'll have to crash at my folks house!

  3. Melissa--It went well, even with alot of frustrating little events out of our control...more soon.

    Jessie--It was very nice to get to see you guys...hope it won't be another 10 or 14 years or whatever it's been!!

  4. I hope your trip is going smoothly - and how cool you have a travel buddy for Braska! I'd never have thought of such a thing.

  5. That's great you have a traveling buddy! Great idea.

  6. Michelle and Val--It was SO great...I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner! I'm hooked!


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