Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Hermit

I realized today that I have not been outside of the walls of this house since Tuesday night last week when I got home not feeling well. That's almost a full 7 days inside. Wow...how times have changed around here. The fact that it doesn't so much bother me is a whole other story. Granted, 4 days of that I was in bed, so maybe that makes a difference.

Just to show I can still put on shoes--slip-on, nothing too challenging just yet-- I took mail to the mailbox in the midst of our current snowstorm. Check me out with my adventurous bad self.


  1. good job RK - just keep telling yourself "baby steps, baby steps..."

  2. So glad to hear you're starting to feel better - I'm sure Braska missed you while you were down & out.

  3. Welcome back to the outside! I find sometimes I don't leave the house for a couple days and it feels so weird.

  4. It feels so strange to go outside after being stuck indoors all day doesn't it? Welcome back!!

  5. Jessie--Baby steps to the car door, baby steps open the garage...that's my fave movie ever!! What about Bob? :o)

    Michelle--If she missed me, she's good at hiding it!

    Deb--I'm surprised at how I don't notice nearly as much anymore...it's nice being in PJs for days. (Clean ones each day, of course.)

    Melissa--Thanks...I'm so darn spoiled!


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