Friday, March 7, 2008

Random Questions, Round 4

The Random Questions process
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Round 4--Media--How reliant are we? Make sure you don't miss #6.

1. How many TVs are in your home? All hooked up to cable/dish/etc? Have you gone HD?

2. Do you have any VCRs in your house still or are you full DVD?

3. How many computers are in your house? All hooked up to the internet? How many video game systems (i.e. XBOX, Wii, etc.)?

4. What age is ok to have a TV/computer/game system in the child's bedroom?

5. Do you have DVD players in the car?

6. The big one.... Would you be able to take a media/technology break, like a day without? How long could you do it?

1. We have 4 TVs (2 living rooms, 1 in the office, 1 in Braska's room...see #4 for more on that), all hooked to cable, but only two have DVR boxes with extended digital cable. M's big TV has the HD action, and admittedly, we are quite happy about that.

2. I have a VCR still hooked up, with the DVD, in my living room. I'm surprised at how I do occasionally still use it... but it's rare. Otherwise, we're all DVD in the other rooms.

3. We have M's desktop computer in his room, my laptop in the office, and he has two work laptops as well that are sometimes here. We're on wireless internet in the house, so they all have it. The only time there's not a computer on is when we're sleeping. We don't have any game systems, although there is a borrowed Nintendo (old school) here occasionally.

4. Even though Braska has a TV in her room, she won't have one as she gets older. The reason she has one is that her room/nursery used to be my office. I had a TV on a wall in there that we just didn't take down. It's rarely used, unless I'm working in there on packing or reorganizing or something, then we throw on her favorite channel...Food Network. It's amazing, but she really does like it. A kid that won't eat loves Food Network....too funny. As far as I'm concerned, she will not have her own TV or computer in her room until she is at least in high school, that is, for the TV. She won't have a computer in her room at all, at least not with accessible internet. All internet usage will be in a common area of the house. But then again, we've got a decade or so to deal with that. Who knows what technology will be like then. :o)

5. We don't have DVD player in the car, but I'm thinking about it as she gets older. We do so many of these trips to St. Louis, 3 hours each way. I can see how it will be helpful as she gets more active and wanting to get out of that car seat.

6. I've been thinking alot about this. I work on my computer, make my living with the internet and computer, so that would be an issue, but I've still been considering it for a short time, maybe a weekend. I think it would be so good for us as a family to try to survive and interact with each other without all these devices. I probably should wait til the weather makes it more ok to do things outside or around town. I'm guessing my husband might not be on board with it, though. Maybe I'll ask...

Share your thoughts...I love hearing the other perspectives!


  1. Fun questions....I replied on my blog:

  2. I did it too...thanks for giving us topics to "discuss amongst ourselves"

  3. I've been slacking on your great random questions. I'll do this one.

    1. 2 TVs, both cable, not HD.
    2. 1 VCR (+ 2 DVD players)
    3. 2 computers (1 desktop, 1 laptop). Wireless, natch. No game systems but I have a vague longing for a wii.
    4. college? computer sooner, maybe, but I really don't like TV in kids' bedrooms. (Mainly because I had one and used to stay up half the night watching.)
    5. Nope.
    6. Yeah. I did on vacation. Not entirely, but I only checked email every couple of days (and that was only because someone else brought a laptop along). I think it was good for me. I'm way too into the habit of browsing around online when I should be doing other stuff. Like interacting with people.

  4. 1. 5 tvs in the house, 4 of them hooked up to cable. No HD....all of our TVs have been given to us as other people upgrade :)

    2. We have 3 of the VCR/DVD combos but my hubby is slowly converting all the kid VHS tapes to DVD

    3. 3 computers...we're wireless and they're all connected and networked. There are 4 game systems...but all but one are in storage and only used when my husband deploys. The other is in the teenagers room. Hubby doesn't play games unless he's away from the family(ie: deployed)

    4. My kids already have TVs in their rooms. We control what they watch and it's not allowed on at certain times. I don't have issues with TVs in the bedroom.

    5. We have a DVD player that goes in the car but it does not stay in there all the time....just when we travel or go certain places(and it has 4 screens for the kids). We also have a playstation with a screen that also works in the car.

    6. I could take a technology long as no bills are due, no family is trying to get in touch(since they all email)and there are no major things going on in our family(like an adoption where we have to talk to people across the ocean!)

  5. Interesting...
    1&2. 1 tv, with vcr and dvd. No cable just an antenna in the attic which we just got a HD converter hooked up to. This may sound lame but we were excited because now we have lke 10 channels instead of 6.
    3. 2 computers. 1 desktop, and 1 laptop that Randy bings home to work from. Wireless, so we are always online. But no gaming systems, really no desire for them currently. Although we had fun playing a group game with my brother's XBOX over Christmas.
    4.No t.v. in rooms; I don't think it is needed. They may have computers some day, but that will depend on how times change. You know I could see them needing them to do their school work and such so we shall see on that.
    5. We have a DVD player that goes in the car for part of our trips to MN but it goes up for a certain part of the trip and goes down for nap time. It is great to have but it does not stay in the cart for running around town.
    6. I could do it. Internet would be the hard one for me. I watch tv at night, but I could do other stuff and it wouldn't bother me much. I could set up one of those "out of office" replys for my e-mail:-). I think waiting until it is a little nicer outside sounds like a good idea. Let's do it together and go for some walks to a park. Sounds like fun RK!

  6. 1. two too many - one on DISH and one only for DVD/VHS.
    2.two VCR's and two DVD players.
    3. 5 computers w/wireless, tho one (laptop) is usually not used except for trips. Games? 2 Nintendo DS, WII
    4. online computers in child's room? never unless it's open for public viewing at all times. We use 2 for school work, but only 1 is in older son's room WITH DOOR OPEN. Online access is password protected.
    5.yes; used for sermons/lectures when we travel and seasonal music at Christmas.
    6.We take a day or two off frequently -- except for Dad. He gets email on his pocket pc - oops, that's one I forgot in the #3 list. We need to limit things more than we do. Seems like everything we do involves needing the computer now.
    Right now at 4:18pm on a Saturday, Joy is watching an old movie (Girl Friday) and on the DS at the same time. She's multi-talented. Ryan and Ju are watching MONK on the computer. and I am typing this!
    I think you should propose an electronics-free day (on a Saturday, preferably) and we'll see if we can all do it. I'm willing to try! Wouldn't it be cool if you could get that started in your church or club or blog group to do at least once a quarter? Maybe even once a month? WOW, can you see people looking at each other in the face and actually talking to each other?(if I could keep the kids from dipping me in tar and feathers) Go for it!

  7. This one is going to need a post of my own! It may take me a couple days to work it into my schedule, though. I love these random questions. You should sign up for Mr. Linky. I just did it and if I can figure it out anyone can. It would really be good if you keep these questions coming.

  8. We have one flat screen, wall mount, HD TV. I looooove it.

    only DVD now.

    we have two laptops. a newish mac and an older pc both wireless internet connections. No game systems. I KNOW we are freaks.

    I've got the same ideas about tech and my kids rooms but yeah, I bet I'll be eating my words too!
    SO funny braska loves the food network.

    we have a portable DVD player that can go in the car.

    I am highly addicted to my email and blogs now. I could quit, and did for a week in florida.

  9. Hello, I just answered your random questions over at my blog. FUN!!!

  10. This was fun. I posted on my blog ;)

  11. #1- Four- ALL connected to dish 1 with HD (our bedroom)
    #2- Five DVD players (Gabi has 2 because the one that is part of the TV is broken)
    #3- one desktop and one laptop all connected to the internet, we have a Wii, xbox, and PSII
    #4- Who knows? I am sure I added it way too young for my kids. I always liked playing the educational shows in their room as they played.
    #5- a Dvd in our van that came with it.
    #6- The ONLY tough one for me would be the laptop! I'd think that I could go a few days without it though, but then I would be like, "Must... Blog... Now!"

  12. Jen and Jessie--Great posts, of course.

    Cate--Doesn't cyber-interacting count? :o)

    Shelley--I need to do some VHS/DVD converting too. Good reminder...

    Karen K--That HD box is pretty cool...and 10 is better than 6!

    Mom--I may think about such a tech-free day/challenge... interesting.

    Debbie--I'm watching for the post. And I've thought about Mr. Linky, but I haven't looked into it yet.

    Lisa b--Nice...wall mount HD. That's the way to go!

    Rylie's Mom and Kari--Great posts as well!

    Shannon--I bet blog withdrawals would so hard! I don't know if I'll ever be able to even try.

  13. 1. 3 TV's, all have DirecTV, no HD for us. Not worth the added expense in my opinion! We have one TV in the ling room (gets the most use) the girls have one in their playroom, and I have one in my bedroom (hardly ever gets any use, when I'm in bed, I'm sleeping!)
    2. We do have VCRs, in the living room and playroom, as my mom saved all of my VHS movies from my childhood and gave them to me, all the classic Disney films, and such. We have DVD players in every room.
    3. I have a laptop, but it basically collects dust. (No internet) I'm on the computer all day at work and don't have the desire to be on it at home. I feel time with my kids is more important as I feel I don't have enough time with them as it is! (Refer to what our evenings are like! ha ha)The girls have 2 game systems in their playroom, neither of which came from me, and they have the handheld leapfrog systems. They are the Vsmile and the Leapfrog, which I don't mind since they are learning tools, they will not have any other systems, I feel they are a waste of time, especially for kids. I would love to play the wii sometime though! Not buy one, just play one!
    4. I had a TV in my bedroom since 3rd grade, and I have to say from my experience (in that I pretty much isolated myself from my parents as an adolescent to be in my room watching TV) that my kids probably won't have a TV in their bedroom. Only time will tell, though. Their electronics are strictly in their playroom only.
    5. We have a dual screen portable DVD player in the car. The girls weren't always good travelers, and this made a WORLD of difference. They don't NEED it to travel, matter of fact I don't put movies in it very often anymore, but it is nice to have. Got us through the times of them crying from being in the car.
    6. I'm probably the odd woman out on this one, I could go without the computer, no problem. All I do is email, online banking, a little bit of product research, and now these blogs! The TV, I'm not sure I could go without that. It's usually on when we are home. Sometimes cartoons, sometimes mommy's shows. But rarely EVER is it off! I could do it if I had to, but would prefer not to have to!

  14. Deb--Great post, as always! :o)

    Mindy--Playroom with TV instead of bedroom...good plan. I like it. And no internet at seems strangely appealing to me.


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