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Random Questions, Round 5

The Random Questions process
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Round 5--Travel! It's almost springtime, and we're all thinking about where we'd like to go for a little R & R.

1. Do you prefer traveling by car, train, plane, or boat?

2. Are family vacations or yearly vacations of some kind a part of your regular schedule? Where are some places you've gone?

3. What's your favorite travel memory? Maybe a trip as a kid, road trip in college, honeymoon? Could be good OR bad...

4. Have you ever traveled in the back seat of a station wagon, like the old kind that faced backward?

5. Where to you hope to go this year or the next chance you get?

1. I prefer to travel by car if the trip is less than about 6 hours. BUT I like to have company to chat with and keep me alert. Most of the time I am the one driving in our family, and M is usually sleeping. So that kind of driving for hours is less fun. If it's a farther trip, I like to fly. BUT only if there are no weather issues in any area I'll be flying to, from, or through. I really HATE turbulence. I've never traveled by boat, but I'd love to take a short cruise someday. And I've never traveled by train, except the Metro system in St. Louis and the MRT system in Singapore.

2. We didn't take family vacations, at least I don't call them that. As a kid, I don't ever remember going somewhere just to go there for fun. It was always a family visit, a church event, or some other ulterior reason. I'd really like to make true family vacations a part of Braska's life, but we will have to try to convince her dad that it's a good idea.

3. Favorite travel memories? I really enjoyed my trip to Singapore for a month in 1995. Traveled across the world by myself...very interesting. Learned alot, would LOVE to go back to show somebody how truly beautiful and amazing that place is! And then there was the road trip with my friend Angie in college. It was a spring break trip in 1993 maybe? I can't remember for sure. We got in her little red truck and headed out from St. Louis. We spent a few days in Hot Springs, Arkansas ( one of my FAVE places...lived there for 5 years and really love going back), then went on to her mother's place in TX, played around in Dallas some, came back through Oklahoma (although I don't remember why), and had an all around blast.

4. Yep, I've been that kid watching the back of all the road signs. I remember the awkward moments of staring at the people in the car behind us in traffic. And I remember being a bit nauseous at the whole driving backward situation. Good times.

5. I hope to go somewhere. I just want to go, as a family, to a place where we just are to have fun, see something new, and create memories. I'd love to go back to Hot Springs again, haven't been there for years. Here's hoping...

Alright...let's hear it. Dig deep into that memory vault. We might be able to all come to a conclusion of a place to meet for one big blogging vacation!


  1. When are you getting back? Livy & I miss you two! Call us! We are without Daddy for a long time (13-20) and (24-29). We are game for some girls' nights outs! :)

  2. 1. I suppose I prefer traveling by car, as long as it isn't a terribly long drive. Flying makes me nervous - but I especially hate the delays and layovers involved. I went on a cruise once, and that was a lot of fun!

    2. We haven't really taken consistent family vacations (as a child I usually went to Michigan to stay on my Grandfather's boat) We go to France every few years to visit Vincent's family. I'd like to explore the US a bit more as a family.

    3. Our honeymoon - we went to France and it was just a wonderful time. So fun to be just the two of us and have our own car to drive around and explore at our own pace!

    4. Yep, it made me puke.

    5. We would like to visit V's brother in California and a good friend of ours in Seattle.

  3. ok I answered on my blog. I just love your random questions. Brought back so many forgotten memories. Especially with my Dad. He is not well and has an anurism and mild Dementia so it was nice to walk down memory lane and remember him as he was before, when he was young and full of life. Keep the questions coming so much fun :)

  4. 1. I HATE traveling by car. I just hate driving period. I get kind of car sick, so that is probably why. I have never even flown, but I have a feeling that I would like to fly. I like the idea of blinking and being there. Or taking a few Dramamine, being knocked out and waking up at my destination. My kids are great travelers, so I should feel thankful about that, pop in a DVD and we are good!

    2. We are starting a vacation tradition since we have more of an ability to now. We are going to Florida this year and renting a condo for the week right on the beach, and we are all really excited about it. I didn't take many vacations as a kid becuase there was not enough money to, but I do want my kids to have fond memories of fun (or not so fun:o) family vacations.

    3. We went to Florida when I was pregnant with our second, and our first was 2. It was with my entire family, Mom, Dad, 2 sisters, brother, hubby, Faith and I. We rented a condo on the beach that time, and it was so much fun, we are doing it again this year!! Only sans the mom and dad, brother and one sister. The other sister is coming to be our nanny:o) Hey, she gest to stay on a beach in Florida for a week, she's getting a good deal!

    4. Yeah. We got a station wagon when I was 8. My mom found out she was pregnant with my baby sister 3 weeks after we got it, so guess who got stuck in the back. Maybe that is where my car sickness began........

    5. Well, we are going to Florida this year, but Russ and I really want to go on a trip by ourselves to the Carribean sometime. We wanted to do that this year for our 10-year anniversary, but that didn't work out. So maybe next year.........


  5. Jennifer--We'll be back sometime today, and I'll call you on the way.

    Melissa--What a fun honeymoon! And boat vacations...neato!

    Kari--Great post, as always. I'm SO glad you like the series! I am having so much fun with it, mostly reading all the responses.

    Misty--You just crack me up...but never flown? I am surprised. You tell Russ it's time to go. We'll find out when AP is vacationing and you can go then. Ha!

  6. Hey, I thought I'd finally answer some since Luke is asleep and Connor is in his own world right now. :)

    1)I prefer flying but road trips are loads of fun. I can't image going on a boat for more than 1 hour.

    2)Regular family vacations are a must! We've noticed Connor just learns so many new things and we just have a great time relaxing. I also love leaving everything behind and not having to worry about housework, schedules, work, bills,...etc. Our big trips as a family were to Florida and Hawaii. I would go back to both anytime. We've also taken small trips around the Midwest too.

    3)My favorite memory has to be Maui. It was great exploring the island and hiking right by the ocean with Connor in tow was awesome.

    4)No backward car rides but I do remember puking on my Dad while sitting in the front seat between him and my Mom. I still get carsick.

    5)I don't know if we'll make it this year but I would really like to see the Redwood Forest and the Pacific Northwest (Seattle/British Columbia area). Camping in these areas would be great but not sure with two small kids. Most likely we'd go to Florida to visit family and the beach.

    Hope you guys are doing well and Braska has her glasses fixed!

  7. Hey RK - I'll leave my comments on my blog!

  8. 1. Before of after having kids?!?! I preferred plane before, non are really easy at this point in time, but I never get to travel so I guess it doesn't really matter for me right now!

    2. Family/yearly vacations? What are those?

    3.I don't have a fave travel memory. I have very few travel memories since I never really got to travel much. My parents never had the money, I don't have the money, and I didn't get a honeymoon.

    4. Yes, but only for very short distances. I had a friend in elementary school who I got rides home with sometimes and they had one. I had quite a bit of fun since I rarely got to do it and it was literally like a 2 min drive. We usually waved at the cars behind us, I think, to dicipate the awkwardness. That helped, people usually waved back and smile and 2 elementary age school kids!

    5. I have always wanted to go on a cruise. Down in the carribean area. One that stops at different islands and stuff so you aren't just on the boat the entire time. I have a fear of drowning but love the water. (Weird, huh?!) My best friend and I have made a pact to do so before a certain age, within the next 5-6 years. She has already been on a couple. I would like to wait a little longer cuz we won't be taking the girls, and I think they are too young to leave for a week or so right now. I would probably worry more about them than have fun! And heaven forbid I didn't have cell phone reception...

  9. I blogged it - S and I were just talking about travel destinations too!

  10. Nico--Hawaii? I'm so jealous... how fun for baby Connor I bet. Now you'll have to go back with Lucas!

    Jen--Aren't family destinations fun? Love those NE trips, right?

    Mindy--Neat idea for the cruise with the friend! I need to figure out that kind of thing.

    Jessie--Lots of memories in that post for sure!! NACC! I miss it so much.

  11. 1. I like traveling by car if you are going through fun places, and have a good route planned, or to somewhere near by. Otherwise I really do like to fly. I don't really have a desire to travel by boat. Traveling by train is fun with one or less kids or with older kids. It is nice because you can get up and move around without actually stopping and delaying your arrival.

    2. We haven't really started the yearly family vacation but we definitely will be doing that as the kids are bigger and Randy is done with school. As a kid my family always went to a lake resort in northerm MN and we loved it. It is something we will definitely be doing with our kids! Randy's family always went to National Parks to camp and we will do that at some point too.

    3. Our honeymoon, we went to Oahu, Hawaii. It was awesome, the weather is perfect all the time, and there is nothing like it if you like a warm sunny beach vacation. We had so much fun renting a car and seeing all there is to do on one little island.

    4. I think I went in one with one of my friends one time as a kid. Of course for a short trip it was the "cool" thing to do. Now it would surely make me barf.

    5. We have talked about heading to the Vancouver area, or maybe trying to take our trip to Memphis that we canceled last year when Gracie had RSV.


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