Friday, March 28, 2008

Round trip: 650 miles

What a crazy trip this was! And what a rude way to introduce Zoey to our road trip adventures! No, we didn't have any legal problems, auto breakdowns, or accidents. It was just kind of a comedy of errors for 36 hours straight. I will spare you the details of all the little frustrations. Be very glad.

We started out at 9 am on Wednesday, stopped at one of my offices on the way out of our area so I could take care of an install that needed to be done, and headed to St. Louis. Braska had her blood drawn at Children's (not even flinching, no tear, no pout, no whimper...amazing), we had some good taco salads in the cafeteria, found out we'd not be seeing the dietician as hoped, and moved on. At St. John's, we got Braska's back-up pair of glasses and had her main pair repaired, complete with new ear pieces for a better fit. Then we headed out to Lake St. Louis for a quick stop at my brother's house and a hug for Braska from Auntie Skye. We took off for Columbia, Missouri, where we first went to see long-lost friend Jessie and her very new baby Lillie. She has inherited Braska's wardrobe, or the vast majority of it, anyway. It was great to get to see them and her parents (they went to college with my parents), but it was a short visit. We then headed up the road about a mile to Justin and Julie's house to meet also-new baby Millie. (Small world, two families, both friends of mine, don't know each other, but live that close with new baby girls named Millie and Lillie...gonna have to set up a meet-up!) Macie and Morgan were pretty happy to see Braska too. We had dinner there, visited a bit, took a great pic with all the girls (see Braska's blog for that pic in a few days) and then left to go to the hotel.

Unfortunately, the hotel I had my eye on was full, so was the second, and I chose poorly for the third. It was not a pleasant stay, but it provided a bed and a roof. Holes in the comforter and towels....just not acceptable! We left in the morning after I'd had a chance to get some work-work done, stopped in St. Louis for lunch, and made it home by 5pm on Thursday. Long trip, short time. I could NOT have done it without Zoey in the back with Braska to help keep her happy and continually replace the glasses on her little nose. She endured meeting a whole lot of people that she didn't know, listening to a whole lot of conversation that she probably didn't care about, and driving a little over 10 hours in two days. You rock, Zoey!! on the lookout for a giveaway here very soon. Hint: They are cute, cozy, and have the initials BL. Stay tuned!!


  1. I'm glad that Zoey hung in there and it went well with her. Do you get to be home for awhile now? You've been running around like crazy lately!

  2. So glad things went well. We missed you at the girls outing! Can't wait to hear more about your trip. Talk to you soon.

  3. Yup I'm with Melissa when do you get to chill out!! Glad Zoey survived the trip LOL

  4. Melissa--If things don't change...I almost laugh at just typing that...we'll be home for two weeks. Thank God!

    Karen K--I'm sorry I missed the night out too. Hope you guys had fun doing whatever.

    Kari--Chill out? What's that? I don't remember what that's like. :o) I'm thinking I'll get some down time soon to relax. I hope.


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