Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

If you're in a state that's voting in a primary today, go vote. If you don't know who you'd choose, take a few minutes and check out a comparison sheet. Just Google "presidential candidate comparison" and see what you think.

Do I have an opinion? Sure...if you want to know you can give me a call or email. I'm not gonna endorse via blog. (Here's a hint...it's not a she.) I'd hate to influence someone inappropriately with my overwhelming charm and wisdom.

I hadn't been into this campaign til the last month or so. I caught a speech by a candidate that made me so mad that that person might even slightly have a chance to be the president that I had to check out the field. So I've been Little Miss Political News lately...the TVs stuck on channel 60 (locals can identify it), and the husband is rolling his eyes. But hey, it's important. I'm an adult. Time to know what's happening to our country.

Go vote!

Edited to Add: I did actually go vote. I took my grouchy kiddo out in the pouring, and I mean pouring, rain to fill in our little ovals. Got the sticker to prove it!


  1. Glad to hear you've gotten cranked up on the election! We've had some fun doing "our thing" as well. It's Super Tuesday and the results tonight should be interesting... not encouraging, I'm afraid, but interesting....

  2. I voted! I voted! Funny thing, I didn't vote for a "she" either. LOL

  3. I voted too - and I voted for a long shot candidate that has gotten no press and the media hates his ideas - so no chance for the presidency, but man - its the principle of the thing! What happened to the America that who ever wants to try to become president has the chance to do so? Some will say I threw away my vote, but oh well.

  4. Dad--I've been watching coverage on and off and in the background all day, and it is VERY interesting. I did miss one show I wanted to catch today...'member Spatula City? :o)

    Rene--Good for you. That's two of us!

    Jessie--Vote your principles..nothing wrong with that.

  5. Josiah and I voted too. We got our stickers and everything.

  6. We don't get to vote for another two weeks, so I hope it still matters at that point. Unfortunately, the horse in the race I was rooting for has pulled up lame, so I have to pick someone else...

  7. Hey, my friend--greetings from Kansas. I just checked in to see how things were going. I'm glad you were able to get some work done and feel better about it. I, too, have begun watching the political landscape. Interesting stuff. Just wanted you to know I think of you and trust all is well.

  8. Andrea--I think I have like 8 stickers stacked up on my wallet. I don't know why that's where I put them. So I gave this one to Braska, and she didn't care for it too much.

    Mary--Sorry your horse is lame... my first horse also hit the sidelines. Think they were the same horse? :o)

    Karen--Hey there to you too. Glad you came by and said hello!! We're doing well, but we miss you!

  9. I am ashamed to say that I didn't even know today was a voting day! I was gonna tell you that I awarded you, but I see you have already found it!

  10. So you didn't drag Muncher out and vote with you. MUNCHER GO VOTE, IT IS IMPORTANT! (Oh yeah, that was all caps and an exclamation point.) If you want to, you can just go so you can cancel your wife's vote, that is what Mindy and I usually do. :)

  11. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Seriously - I can't get over how adorable your little girl is. Do you care if I add you to Zach's blog link list? I love reading about other kids like Zach. I just started his blog and I love reading about our special kids - especially because I'm stuck inside all day long with nothing else to do besides stare outside and wish all the snow gone....

  12. Shannon--I think you're ok. You're primary is not til 5/6. No worries!

    Captain--Way to tell him. But we've never cancelled each other out...always been on the same page for this, thankfully.

    Nancy--I'd be honored to be included on your list. :o)

  13. Man...IF I would have gotten to vote it definately wouldn't have been for a she! But I was stuck at the hospital with Kallie and couldn't get there in time to vote...wahhhhhh

  14. So glad you're involved in the research. Educated voters can make a difference for the good. Way to go!

    Love you!!


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