Friday, February 22, 2008

Random questions, Round 2

The Random Questions process
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Our theme today is internet/email use and habits. I would think we can all relate to this one, as if you are reading this, you probably know a little about how to use the internet. And if you're like most people, you rely heavily on your email. So join us!

1. What was the year and the circumstance of your first internet experience?

2. Do you leave your computer on and your email up all day long to be sure to catch any communication right away or do you check in only occasionally?

3. In this email age, do you still look forward to getting the mail (the kind the mailman delivers) or do you go two or three days between trips to the mailbox? Do you get "real" mail anymore or is it all junk due to e-banking and such?

4. How would you rate yourself in relation to your internet use?
Use when necessary
Like to when I can
Must check in at least once a day
Lost without email/internet
Spend hours each day online


Here are my answers...
1. For my first internet experience, I'll refer to this post about how I met my husband, because it's the same story.

2. My computer is turned on the first time I walk down the hall to let the dog out in the morning. I pop into my office and turn it on on the way to the back door. Then on the way back to get Braska out of bed I pop in and open my Outlook. Then once I've changed her and filled her belly, we come to the office to start the day. My computer is then on til I go to bed at 11 or 11:30p, email open the whole time. For most of that day I'm in the office and working on the computer, so I can generally receive and reply to emails immediately. That's the way I like it. As close to real time as possible, but no talking necessary. Ha! Even when I'm up in other rooms working on things, I check in often to glance at the screen to see if my new mail icon is up. And if I'm going to be in another room for awhile, I just un-dock my laptop and take it with me. I'm known to have it on the kitchen counter so I can take care of work issues in between stirring the dinner pasta. You might be able to guess my answer to #4 at this point.

3. We are pretty bad about not going to the mailbox every day anymore. I think our mailman thinks we travel an awful lot since we often have a few days' worth of mail in the box. A day's worth of mail is usually 4 things offering credit cards, which we tear up and toss, then there's the ads or coupon books that we get for the local restaurants and businesses. That's about it. We have so many of our bills on paperless set-ups that we don't get bills in the mail anymore. There is an important check that comes for my business each month, but that's generally the highlight. I do get awfully excited when I see a letter or card with a handwritten address on it. So rare!!

4. Drum roll please..... I'm definitely ADDICTED! My work, social life, entertainment, and even Braska's care are based around my internet connection, sad as that may sound to some. It works for me....unless we have an outage. Then I'm WAY lost, and I generally head to a friend's house to borrow their wireless connection.

Let's hear it! Bring on the answers!


  1. I remember the beginning of the internet and how confusing it was to me (and still is). I don't remember when I got an e-mail account, but I can tell you now I am Addicted! Everytime I click on the little "e" for the internet I stare at the mail icon to see if I have mail! It's awful and I have to check it countless times during the day. I recently got a phone that has internet access so now I can check it when I'm out, too! In fact, it's so embarrassing how addicted I am that I think I'll skip doing my own post on my site. I don't want some people I know who read my blog to know how bad I really am.

  2. Deb--Shhhhh...I won't tell. I have held out on having it on my phone, even though the phone/PDA has the capability. It's my last frontier. :o)

  3. I had email my last year in university so I think emailing my friend who was on exchage in Finland would count as one of my most memorable experiences. Back then (the turn of the century) you had to go request email access specially!
    now I am pretty much like you, online all day. I loooove my laptop and wireless but I have held off on a bberrry.

  4. Ok, I posted my answers on my site again - I must say these questions really got me thinking about "time management" :-)

  5. Lisa--Turn of the it!

    Jessie--Great post. And as I said there, you are WAY good at balance between life and cyberlife.

  6. I don't remember the exact year, but I was still living at home and I was so excited to be able to find lyrics and message boards about Grateful Dead lyrics - lol! I also remember my younger sister being in a chat room and they were kind of making fun of her - it made my mom so mad!

    I work during the week - so my computer is up and my personal email is up all day there. Once I'm home, our computer is up, but I don't always check it frequently because I'm busy with Dominic and Delphine. On the weekends, I usually have my laptop on and check quite often if I'm home.

    I look forward to the mail only because that is how my yarn arrives :) Other than that it is mostly junk mail.

    I am most definitely addicted!!

  7. My first internet experience was when we FINALLY got our computer in '98. I was a senior in high school and we seemed to be the last people on the face of the earth to get a computer. My friend helped me figure out e-mail and instant messaging. I remember chatting with people on line. I love to check e-mail and "real" mail the same. Both are a fun part of my day. I usually respond pretty quickly to e-mail assuming my husband brings the laptop home from work. I don't know that I am addicted, but I enjoy the computer lots and lots...does that mean I am in denial??? Andrea

  8. I got e-mail some time in high school. But is wasn't until recently that I would say I am an addict:-) I love getting e-mail and little notes from friends. There are some days that it really feels like my only connection to the outside world. I guess that makes it a good thing that there are other out there to connect to!!

  9. RK - thanks for the encouragement...

    its funny cause I was thinking just like Karen K, that the internet is my connection to the outside world and it's also my escape all wrapped up into one - so I often times let it trump higher priorities a little too often, cause I am just ready for that break from what's happening around me! :-)

  10. Jessie- I am so with you. It is a total escape some days. I am not totally sure if that is good or bad. Glad to know that I am not alone though!

  11. Mailbox. . . huh, I think we have one. Seriously back in the States, I checked it everyday as it was right by my door. Here in good ole Belgium though, maybe I check it once a week. Everything is in Dutch anyways, so what is the point :)

    Internet is absolutely my connection to people this year. I have email up all day and hit the refresh button all the time. Silly really since it does it on its own every 10 mintues, but NOOOOO, that can be too long sometimes. Then there is the daily routine of blog checking. I even have a specific order. Braska, RK, Karen K, smallyscanlans, followed by about 5 or 6 others.

    And then there is skype. Holy cow, I could NOT live without it. I talk to my mom and sister almost daily over IM. We webcam with family on weekends so that we can watch everyone grow up. Technology has made being an ocean away so much easier and has truly eliminated the distance in a sense.


  12. Melissa--I love it...surfing for Grateful Deal lyrics. Smooth. And I think if I was getting cool stuff like your yarn I'd probably check the mailbox too.

    Andrea--Now that you're on bed rest, I bet you're even more addicted....understandably so!

    Karen K--High school...ah yes, and there's that age difference peeking out again. :o)

    Jessie--Your welcome!

    Mindy--I can't imagine the families would have let you guys go without a good cyperplan for the year.

  13. Okay - I've been gone since Thursday and TOTALLY in no-cyber-land, freaking out without access. Funny you should ask these questions! =)
    I posted my answers on my website.

  14. Jen--welcome home...great post!


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