Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Props to Mom (and Dad)

Sorry for the blog pause. I've been in St. Louis for a few days with Braska for appointments. Check out her blog if you are interested in details on that good news.

I got back yesterday afternoon, then we had a farewell party for some good friends who are moving. I wasn't feeling well, so we came home early, and I went straight to bed. All night I was miserable. I'll spare you the details, but it wasn't fun. This morning it got worse, and it became very clear that I wasn't going to be able to care for Braska today without her getting exposed to the ickiness. M can't take off anymore right now, so it's time to call in the reinforcements.

At almost 7 am, I called my mother and said, "I'm sick." She's been wanting to get to spend some time with Braska, as we haven't seen them since Thanksgiving, I think. And she's very good about handling pretty much anything when needed. I asked if she could come, and she said she'd talk to Dad, do some arranging and call me back. She called me back in less than an hour and said she'd be on her way in 30 minutes. Amazing. (In the meantime, Braska went to work with M until he could take her to a friend's for the morning....thanks Karen K!!!)

Here's the part that deserves props, not that the above doesn't... Mom lives 5 1/2 hours away, she has 3 kids still at home (18, 16, and 12) who are homeschooled, and it's a big deal for her to be gone. Yet Dad has let her spend so many weeks up here, mostly during Braska's first few months, and there has been very little complaining about the imposition. It helps alot that the kids are pretty darn self-sufficient, that Dad works from home and has a way flexible schedule of the nicest kind, and that they have plenty of cars for one to be gone and not be left in a crunch with the teens.

We have alot of different opinions, me and my parents, we can't talk about an awful lot of things because I don't ever feel like going through it, but when it comes to me, the firstborn, and their only granddaughter, they are always ready to drop whatever and come help. They've put in tons of home improvement hours, cleaning, opening, and closing the pool, re-doing bathrooms and garges, and a million other things, with the kids working right alongside. I don't say enough how much I appreciate their willingness to help when we need it, so here ya go... Thanks Mom and Dad. I notice and I am grateful.

Now I'm going back to bed, as I'm getting woozy.


  1. I'm so glad that reinforcements are coming to help you - and I hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. RK...Feel better soon. Hang in there. I would take a cold anyday over what you have. I am guessing you are glad you didn't have dessert tonight. Let me know if you need a grocery run!

    Thank God for Moms!


  3. What a great mom and dad you have! I hope your feeling well, soon! And hoping Braska doesn't catch the ickies!

  4. I can't stress enough how awesome Mom is. She's been so great about helping with the baby since her birth that I even thought about building on an extension to the house so she could stay with with us as long as she wanted in her own space. She rocks. Really, really rocks.

  5. sorry you are sick Randa - it is sooo hard being really yucky sick with little ones around - I am so glad your mom could come to help you out - grandparents are certainly a gift from God! Take care of yourself!

  6. Sorry to hear you have the Icky-ness RK... I see it in my co-workers that just came back to FL from Illinois and it's bad... I guess once the fever breaks then you are not contagious anymore (1-2days for that part). Most of them are fever free but sound aweful... Please take care of yourself~ Lots of Vitamin C and rest....
    and Muncher you are correct "Mom's do Rock!!!" I know my mom is the same way and will come if I need her...
    Carrie :p

  7. Hope you feel better!! I am one of those lucky girls that has fabulous parents too! Not sure why I am so lucky but happy I am. :)

  8. The plague is going around here, too. Hope you feel better and aren't Moms great:)

  9. You certainly got a good set of parents! I hope you are feeling better soon.

  10. To everyone...thanks for you nice comments and well wishes. I'm feeling only mildly better today, after a VERY rough day yesterday and a not-so-fun night as well. But hey, I've lost 5 lbs...I'll leave it at that.

  11. Feel better soon and give your mom a big hug. She is awesome.

  12. Sorry I'm so late to weigh in, but with Jan gone and yesterday "hospice" day, I'm just now reading the post! Sorry about the wooziness to put all that on the blog BUT HOW IT WARMED THIS OLD GRANDPA'S HEART! It made me sorry that I've complained at all, & I hope it was minimal.

    This time, I fully agreed to send Grammy immediately, readied her limo (added a bit of motor oil, but hey, it's got 218,000+ miles on it!), and kissed her goodbye. The kids have been super! We were thankful prayers were answered for her travel safety and your improvement (though slight). The ARM presentation went very well at the Methodist church last night and all is cool -- almost cold -- here at our beautiful Ozarks ranch home.


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