Thursday, December 27, 2007

My vacation home

This was my view this morning as I stepped out onto the balcony.

I will most likely never have a real vacation home, and that's ok. But when the stars align just right (or my sister goes out of town), I have access to the next best thing...a super sweet condo with high ceilings, comfy sofa, wireless internet, a little granite and steel, garden tub, laundry room, and plenty of very large TVs. Sound like a decent resort, right? And the cost... can't beat it, no way, no how. Little sis has come a long way.

So why vacation at this time? Well, we were here (St. Louis metro) for Christmas, went home that night, and then turned around and came back, just Braska and me, the next morning. Braska's g-button stoma site was looking a little concerning to me, having changed some in the last few days, so I called her GI and they agreed they needed to take a look. So on the road again we went. Since I'm back again and Rachel's gone till the middle of next week, why not have some free time in my old stomping grounds? Braska doesn't have therapy during this time anyway due to the holiday weeks. I can work from here, which I've been doing and actually keeping up. Woo Hoo! Even though it's a big complex it's surprisingly quiet. Lots of young well-to-do professionals who work alot and seem to play elsewhere. When they are here, things are still quieter than our neighborhood. I'm still surprised.

Tonight we went to my brother's house for dinner and visiting. I hadn't been to their house since the wedding...actually the last time I was there was Easter weekend 2006 when we made our big announcement.

We'll be here til...well, who knows. I don't think anyone has even noticed we're gone yet back home. Rach comes home next week, so we'll get booted then, if we're still here. For now we'll hang out, maybe see some friends, and enjoy our little resort.


  1. Pretty view! Enjoy your little break :)

  2. Wireless and large TV(s)!? Are you sure you didn't die and go to heaven? Enjoy...

  3. So glad the condo is so handy for you and that it is available at the right time. Enjoy yourself and keep on posting the updates!

    PS: Aren't you sibs glad you DIDN'T kill each other when you were growing up! Proud of you all!

  4. Can I come? It sounds Absoutley Wonderful!! So how is Braska's stoma site doing? Was all well?

  5. Next time Rach is gone, I may have to vacation up there. Sounds wonderful!
    Peace & quiet....

  6. Melissa--It is, and I did. :o)

    Tom--Not quite heaven (it is on the second floor...stairs....grrr) but it's not a bad deal for sure.

    Dad--It worked out well all for all involved.

    Pam--Come on deserve a break! Her site is getting worse with the granulation, so we're having it checked out again tomorrow.

    Mom--It was very relaxing.


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