Tuesday, December 4, 2007

First evening snow

I love snow. When M got home from Tuesday night MTG with the guys late tonight, he came and said it was snowing. I got all silly and did a few jigs after he opened the blinds and I could see. This is my view...I could watch it all night. We probably won't get much more than 1/2 inch, but it still counts in my book.


  1. I like snow, too! I think it is so beautiful to see it falling fromt the sky. We were supposed to get some last night. I think we did, but it didn't stick. The ground was wet this morning, so I think it melted as it hit the ground.

  2. You lucky duck :o) We saw a few "flurries" if we looked close. We'll be in HSV this weekend; doubt that we'll see much snow there.
    Call after Braska's appt. and let me know how the swallow test went.

  3. That is very pretty (found your blog through Shannon's). We get no snow in South Florida.


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