Monday, December 31, 2007

Amazing story

Recently, I've been visiting the DS Forum on iVillage. The other day there was a post from someone that I thought was especially impressive. I asked for permission to share it here. Take a minute to read it and please be praying for safe arrival of the little one.
Here's our story:

Part I
Young couple elopes to Vegas in Oct 2005...what happens in Vegas dosen't't always stay in Vegas as we conceived little Emily Grace there. Super excited about our new little girl soon to join us. Find out after quad screening we have elevated risk for downs. Shocked-we're only mid 20's (big misconception that it only happens when you're over 35) Hold out hopes and stay positive. Have level II found several soft markers. Still hold out hope and have amino. Found out week later Emily does in fact have Downs. Mourned the loss of our typical child dreams for about one day and then look at the blessing that we've been presented. Our little one would teach everyone else tolerance. Go for another level II at 20 weeks on St. Patricks Day 06 to check on development. Emily's little heart wasn't beating. Devastated, went through labor and delivery.

Do the testing just to be on the safe side-this must be a fluke as it is in 99% of the case. Nope, moms a translocation 21 to 14 carrier. Who would have though! 4 in 6 chance of each pregnancy after resulting in Downs.

Part II
Find out where having another little one. Girl again. Finley Hope. She's not looking to great from the start. Really behind in development - several issues. We don't do an amnio this time because we know moms a carrier of Downs so pretty sure this little tike has it too. We hold out faith but again at 24 weeks 1/12/07 this little one passes on to be with her sister. Back to labor and delivery to go home with no baby.

Part III
So now what do we do. Moms trying to get off the 40lbs from the first two pregnancies. We think about going the scientific route and do IVF but I'm too inpatient. "Come on honey" I tell my husband "3rd times a charm". Well first time we try it's a ringer! Pregnant again. We have no problem conceiving you see just having a healthy baby. So we are on this journey again. Hoping and praying that this time we will have a different outcome. For the love of Pete I've been pregnant for the last 3 Christmas's in a row and still no baby. I think I'm due right! We know that this little guy, Grant Thomas, has DS, but I don't care. We will love him just the same. Keeping the faith yet again for a healty guy to arrive 5/6/2008.

So there's our long story. Pray for us that little Grant makes it! I look forward to sharing lots of tips and advice with you all! God is love!


  1. Wow! Amazing to see such hope and joy amidst the tradgety of loosing two little ones. We will definitely be praying for little Grant and his parents.

  2. What a positive outlook this mom has. I don't know if I could've been so positive after going through all of that. I pray that Grant ends up being a completely healthy baby.

  3. What a beautiful couple. I will keep them in our prayers, sweet Grant!

    "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1

  4. What an inspiring story! I truely hope she gets to enjoy next Christmas home with Grant.

  5. Everyone--Thanks for the comments...I've passed them on to this mom too.


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