Saturday, December 15, 2007

Real snow!!

Finally we got some actual snow, the kind that comes down all day and night and is so darn pretty to watch! Granted, we had to drive in it last night, and that was no fun. Even in town it was pretty hard to see and navigate with the heavy snow and the wind, but we made it back home.
A funny thing about this snow husband and I discussed last night how our church would notify the 1200+ people who would normally be there on a Sunday that there would be no church if they chose to cancel services. We weren't sure. Maybe a cancellation list on a local radio or TV station? We found out this morning...I got an email. (The wind is bad at our church, as it sits in a wide open plain in the middle of corn fields outside of town, so when it snows, it's always way worse at the church. But this is the first time they've cancelled in the 6 years we've been going there.) And to add to that, I also got a text message from our old church, where I occasionally still show up a couple times a year. Ain't technology fun?

Our court Saturday morning.

The court Sunday morning. About 8 inches of snow.(Notice our neighbor has already shoveled his drive. He's good.)

Our drive and walk Saturday morning.
Our drive and walk Saturday afternoon...that's the husband beginning to shovel.

Our walk and drive Sunday morning.

Anyone for a swim?

A very cool snow thing... when we arrived home last night after a Christmas caroling party at about 10:40 pm, our neighbors were shoveling our driveway in the midst of the heavy snow and wind. We turned into the court and I said, "Someone's shoveling our drive!" As we got to the drive, we saw who it was. The neatest part? They said they thought we were in bed asleep, and they were doing it to help out. They wanted it to be an anonymous thing! That's cool. They are the best! I made up a container of the goodies that we came home with and gave it to them as a thank you. How blessed are we?!


  1. Beautiful!! We got snow here this weekend too :)

  2. Count us in the snow bunch! 6 or more inches here. Ugh, I would not like to shovel a driveway! We've just been parking on the street instead.

  3. One thing we really miss about home is the snow. Although it is nice that we don't have to bike and walk in snow and ice like you guys have been having, but the weather is so mundane here! Yesterday . . .rain. Today . . . rain. Tomorrow . . . . rain. Some snow for christmas would be beautiful, so enjoy making a snow man and playing outside in it for us!

  4. Melissa--I thought of you guys as I watched the pictures from there on the Weather Channel.

    SunflowerMom-The driveway is no fun, but that's why I leave it to him.

    Belgianites--It would be no fun trying to get around in the snow sans car, but the rain would get old too, I'm sure.

  5. "Real snow" and "Real shoveling" by the looks of it. :)

    I spent last weekend buying a pointed gardening shovel to dig our car out of about a foot of frozen rock hard "snow."

    Who said it's the "most wonderful time of the year?" I'd like to see them out there with a shovel... :)

  6. I love snow, too! It snowed a little bit here this weekend, but not as much as you got. What great neighbors, and I love the anonymous idea! I have heard of people leaving gifts on the front doors in anonymous fashion for a needy family. I have always wanted to do that.

  7. Tom--No thanks...don't care to dig out a car. Sorry you had to do it!

    Shannon--Anonymous gifting is awfully fun. And being on the receiving end is pretty cool too!

  8. Champaign neighbors are the best kind.

  9. CaptainBelgium--Champaign neighbors are good...some of them more than others. They're no mint chocolate, though.


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