Thursday, December 6, 2007

On the road again

I try not to repeat post titles, but this one is destined to be a fave. I can't believe I've circumvented it for all this time already.

We are headed for St. Louis again today. We're going to aim to do a one-day trip which means 3 hours down, get glasses at St. John's, then to Children's for swallow study and visit with Dr. R to check on the g-button. Then we'll race home to try to catch the Bears/Redskins game tonight. (Yep, that's right, we get NFL Network. Sorry to those of you who don't.)

God give us travel safety, good visits, great people to work with, and help Braska be in good spirits. Amen.


  1. Can't wait to see the little specticles on our little peanut! Safe trip, see you soon!

  2. Braska, you'll look even MORE like Papa Beagle after you get your specs! Yeah, I know you have LOTS more hair!

    We are praying the trip and appts go well.

    Guess who??!!

  3. Travel safely, girls. I know Braska will be a doll in her new specs! Glasses make kids look so cute - I think Isaiah L is adorable in his!

  4. Well if you didn't get home in time to watch the game, here is a synopsis. Bears QBs are bad, we can't run the ball, Devin didn't break any returns, and the defense looks pretty lousy. Maybe last year was just lucky?

    Hope you enjoyed your trip Braska. I sure wish I was back in Champaign so we could go play in the snow!

  5. I hope all the testing and appointments went okay!

  6. We got there and back, even if we did have to wait til the next day to come home in order to avoid icy roads. Details to follow on B's blog.


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