Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Road trip follow up

The one-day trip that was supposed to fill last Thursday spilled into Friday. When we came out of the doctor's office to the choo-choo bridge (That's what we call the big glass walkway from Children's to Barnes Hospital and the parking has a train running all around it way up high.) it was snowing and already getting dark. I called my dad for an up-to-the-minute weather report to see how things were looking on the route toward home, and it was quickly determined to be more risky than I care for when attempting the trip. Instead we headed south a bit to the in-laws' place. (Have I mentioned how handy it is that they're just right there?)

It turned out good that we stayed til the next daylight, as the road home was littered with cars, semi trucks, and a few toppled SUVs in the medians and ditches.

It wasn't that there was so much snow, but there was a layer of ice on everything except the main road itself. I can imagine that in the dark and drizzle, it would have been quite difficult to stay between the lines.

When I pulled into my court, it was slip-slidey time. I even had a little spin out trying to get up what little slope is my driveway.

It's good to be home, warm, safe, and cozy.


  1. Bummer for the weather but great for the grandparents.

  2. I can't beleive I did such a good job of shovelling only to realize I did the wrong driveway.

  3. Glad to help in giving up-to-date radar reports... and so glad you all got home safely!!

  4. Grandma C-So glad you don't mind our unexpected visits.

    Muncher-I wasn't going to say anything...

    Dad-Always appreciate your internet search skills.

  5. Glad you all made the trip safely. Snow, I like. Ice, no thanks.

  6. I can't stand ice-snow I can tolerate. We are starting to get hit now w/some snow storms,Yuck!

    Anyway thanks for your comments on my blog-Braska is doing so great-you should have no worries-I love reading her blog and a the progress she is making.You are doing such a great job with her!

  7. Tom--Thanks..hope you enjoyed Peoria.

    Shannon--Me too!

    Rylie's mom--I'm with bad, snow good.


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