Saturday, December 15, 2007

4 books in no time

When we travel back and forth to St. Louis, we like to listen to audio books on CD. Through our Thanksgiving "tour" and a little time listening in town and some in the house while I'm cleaning the kitchen or something, we've covered four books.

Here's the list...
King of Torts by John Grisham

It Ain't All About the Cookin' by Paula Deen

Vanishing Point by Marcia Muller

Fingerprints of God by Greg Iles

That's impressive for me, as I don't read fiction at all...but in the car it's good. We generally forget to pick up the books before we leave, so we swing by the library on the way out of town and I run in to grab 4 or 5 options that look interesting in some fashion. I did pretty well this time.

King of Torts was interesting to follow, and we kind of "called it," figuring out the order of events at the end, but that's ok. Paula Deen's book was one I listened to while M was sleeping...he wouldn't be going for that in his waking time. It was pretty interesting, I must say. Not what I expected; quite a colorful past she has. Vanishing Point was one that I've done in town and at home, but it's been a good way to pass the time while cooking or cleaning. And Fingerprints of God is a little weird and seems to have two stories in it that I'd prefer to be separate. We've not actually finished it yet, as we started it on the trip, but it's 11 CDs! So we've been doing it in little bits at home, but we're rarely in the same room in a situation that allows for listening to anything other than the TV. I will probably renew this one and we'll finish it on the Christmas drive.

Some people read this many books in this amount of time, but I'm pretty impressed that I can say I've "read" something lately, something other than my typical relationship helps, motivational/spiritual helps, etc. Pick up an audio book CD before your next trip!


  1. Tim and I liked to do that too. Love the public libraries! It is the only way I got through "Animal Farm" by George Orwell, and then some other book that I do not even remember the name of. . . . obviously I did not enjoy it that much. It was science fictiony . . .. . . oh that is going to drive me nuts!

  2. "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley!!

  3. Mindy--Your books are much more challenging than mine, for sure.

  4. We listen to various preachers when we drive -- like E. V. Hill's funeral for his wife, Jeff Walling, and Wayne Smith. But we must be careful. If one of MY old sermon tapes happens to get in, WE ALL FALL ASLEEP!!!

  5. My kids talk too much in the car, I would never be able to listen to anything lol!

  6. Dad--The EV Hill classic is always a winner, unfortunately, my copy got taped over.

    Rylie's Mom--I can understand that, and I'm sure there will come a day. But for now, Braska seems to like it. Soon enough she'll have something to say about it.


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