Thursday, October 1, 2009

31 for 21: Year 3

I can’t even tell you how unprepared I am for October and fall and my birthday and Halloween (which means great holidays follow) and cooler temperatures, etc.  But one great thing about this month is Tricia’s brainchild, 31 for 21. (Let me just admit, I always call it 31 for T21 even though that’s not it’s name.  If I goof, I’m sorry…just letting you know now.)

Get It Down; 31 for 21

(Here’s a list of other bloggers participating, if you need some good reading material!)

If you’ve been around for this before, you know the drill… it’s in honor of October being Down syndrome awareness month.  We bloggers far and wide opt to commit (with fingers crossed) to blog each day in October (31 days) for DS (Trisomy 21), though not all posts have to be all about DS, of course.  It’s awareness, people…getting the word out there that this is not some kind of horrible, sad, cheerless life we lead when DS enters the picture. 

Not sure yet which direction I’ll go with this line of posts this month, but I’ve got some thoughts.  I’m praying that I can find the time to get some things down that I’ve wanted to hash out for a while.  We’ll see.

Anything that you’ve always wondered but didn’t get up the nerve to ask??  Something you’d like to know (about DS, Braska, g-tubes, toddler fashion, great books on CD, transitioning to minivan life) but don’t think it’s “nice” to ask those things?  I’m your girl… let’s have it. 

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  1. ok, ok...I laughed when I read the "transitioning to mini van life"! I went from a Scion XB(yes, the little box car), to an Uplander, to a Suburban and now there is a 15 passenger van in my drive way.....all in less than 5 years!!!! Talk about a transition...LOL!


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