Friday, October 23, 2009

31 for 21: Quiet week in review

It’s been a very quiet week here.  The girls have been at my parent’s house since Sunday, and I’ve spent 98% of the week lying in bed and/or sleeping, trying to rest this illness away on strict orders of my husband.  I got more than bored a few times, but I tried to comply.

Today I went back to the doctor, and he confirmed my suspicion that my illness (yep, that fun h1n1) of last week morphed into a sinus infection and that’s what’s hanging on and causing me trouble these last several days, in addition to the residual cough from the flu.   Antibiotics were started and--placebo effect or not--I’m feeling better this evening.  Unfortunately, it’s way past my bedtime but I’m suddenly unable to sleep, so I’m blogging a tad before returning to bed to try again.  Probably all that snoozing this week… rest overload. (huh?)

My birthday came and went, and as they tend to do by this stage, I suppose, it made not much difference in the days around it.  My sister did bring by some beautiful bright flowers and a cheery balloon, and today, my lovely friend Julie gave me an individual piece of cake that she bought for me, so I’d have birthday cake.  Isn’t that thoughtful??  I like to have a picture from each birthday for some odd reason, so here’s what I’m calling the mini-birthday summary pic.  Pretty flowers and yummy cake. And a goofy 36-year-old.

Tonight I had dinner with a couple college pals, but I’ll post a pic or two from that in the next few days.  Man, time flies, doesn’t it??

Tomorrow morning I go to meet Mom halfway to pick up the girls.  This weekend we’re doing a Trunk or Treat at the in-laws’ church, and we’re back in business for football Sunday again.  We had planned a trip to see our dearest KC buds this weekend (my birthday present/trip from M), but it wasn’t meant to be right now, so we’ll schedule it again very soon. (Very soon, ch!)

Have a good weekend everyone! Wishing you all good health and banishing of the sickie germs!


  1. Great pic! Praying you'll be 100% really soon!

  2. well late HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! i wish julie would bring me some of that cake! hopefully next year's birthday will be better...sorry you got sick. maybe you should try staying away from pigs ;P hope you are back to your old self soon!

  3. They actually confirmed H1N1? The doc wouldn't test Alexander, just gave him Tamiflu. Hope you get back to 100% fast and happy birthday again.

  4. We enjoyed the girls, but glad you're better :o) Sorry we didn't get together for either your or your brother's birthday this year...

    Love you, though!

  5. I just love the way your creativity is coming out in all this blog background stuff. It's great!!


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