Wednesday, October 21, 2009

31 for 21: Remedy? Anyone?

So far this whole post-about-DS-thing is not quite working out.  Partly because I haven’t felt well for going on 11 days now, and partly because I just haven’t been able to formulate well what I want to say.  Oh well, I can keep trying. If it’s November before I get it together, so be it. 

The girls are at my mom’s this week, after I have just not been able to kick this remaining little pesky part of the sickness, or a different sickness, who really knows…  I’m down to a nagging cough and sore throat, but I’m still having trouble with energy as well.  The thought was that the girls would go visit Grammy so I could get a couple days of uninterrupted rest and really kick this thing. I keep thinking that everyday will be the last day. That FINALLY tomorrow will be my day of feeling good again… but not yet.  Hopefully tomorrow is the day…

If you have magical tips of great ideas, do share.

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  1. thank goodness for grandmas! I hope you are feeling better tomorrow. And I love the new fall background. And you don't have to post about Ds every day you know :)


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