Wednesday, October 28, 2009

31 for 21: Hey parents, show me some speech, please!

Can I make a request of all you bloggers out there?  I’m trying to do a little personal research, and here’s what I’d love your help with…

Take a little video of you chatting with your child, toddler to teen or beyond.  This goes for all kids, but especially kids with DS.  Just regular stuff, like how their day was, what’s for dinner, tell about their favorite TV show, what do they like about the siblings… anything.  Just get them talking.  If you have younger kids, just starting to talk, even mimic words would be helpful.  Even if it’s only understandable to you at this point! 

Then post them and let me know that you’ve done so.  Please?  Thanks so much!!


  1. Well...i'd participate...but LC's grumpy peacock is really making the ONLY sounds she makes lately.

    I don't think that counts...since she's obviously cursing.

  2. I will once I get a change too. It maybe a little late. Bug me again if you don't hear anything from me next week..just incase I forget. Wysdom babbles all day long. When he's happy, angry, trying to put himself to sleep ect. I would love to share.

  3. I shot a video of Ella's talking just now and am uploading it. I will try to get one of Sean after school. I have a recent one of Aidan on my blog this month (one of the Friday Thoughts.)

    I have a cute old one of Sean on OTM. It was shot 2 yrs ago.

  4. sure, just rub it in whydoncha?

  5. i have a video, but havent uploaded it and of course is in spanish, lol, but oh well


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