Monday, October 12, 2009

31 for 21: Boo on the flu

Late last night I started in with really strong shaking chills and they continued for about 4 hours through the night.  Along with the sore throat the day before, the headache, body soreness and aches, and a bit of nausea too… this was not a fun night.  About 4 am, M started in on the same path.  This is no normal 24-hour flu…at least it’s more miserable than any I’ve had. Ever.  It came on SO fast and SO hard.  Really horrible.

We went to the doctor this morning, which is saying alot…we’re not good patients and we rarely go, even when we should.  But we just couldn’t take a chance with the girls around.  Calls were made this morning and arrangements began to get the girls out of here asap.  It was handy that my youngest sister Julia was here overnight since my mom had watched the girls on Sunday for us and was returning on Monday for another reason.  Julia decided just to stay with us instead of making the trips home and back again.  She was able to watch the girls so we could go to the doctor this morning, then Rachel came when she got free from work later in the morning and took the girls to her place.  My mom got here shortly after that and did massive disinfecting and sanitizing, and we crashed and slept when we returned from the doctor visit, getting chest x-rays and lab work done.  She’s staying tonight to take care of the girls while we recuperate. We are feeling some better this evening, maybe it’s the Tamiflu, maybe it’s just taking it’s course, but I’m glad either way.

This is one of those times that I’m thankful we live here, once again.  We have back-up when we need it, and that’s important when we’re trying to make sure these girls stay well.  So thanks to everyone for jostling their schedules to help at a moment’s notice.

Wash those hands, people. Carry hand sanitizer and use it often.  I wouldn’t wish this on anyone… well, maybe one or two or three individuals, but that’s another story.  Here’s to good health returning soon…


  1. Awe that sucks. So glad that you have family and friends to help out and get everyone divided. I am hoping that you guys feel better soon. Take care

  2. This is what happens when the Bears don't play. Everything goes awry. Prayers and thoughts are with you.

  3. The flu totally sucks! I had my bought last week. It will be over soon, oh wait, then your sinuses start to drain. Hang in there.

  4. I'm so sorry you were both hit so hard with this! :( Thank goodness you do have family around to help out!

  5. :( - so sorry RK! glad you have back-up plans for such cases... and glad to know you too will admit to a handful of people that you would gladly share dreadful things with too :) (we've all got a couple of those types of people ya know, ha!)

  6. Hope you guys recover quickly and that it makes you immune to any further flu viruses this year. We can hope, right?


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